Auntie Ashley and Mr. Brown

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Mr. Brown is listening to the radio in his kitchen; he is also making some tea for himself. Fat Pig suddenly pops in to inform him that his aunt has come for a visit.

Fat Pig: Mr. Brown, your sister has come to stay with me!
Mr. Brown: What?
Auntie Ashley: I am only going to be here for a month! I am sorry I did not let you know that I was coming for a visit! I, uh, could not…
Mr. Brown: Oh! That’ is fine! You can stay in Fat Pig’s room.
Fat Pig: And Fat Pig?
Mr. Brown: He can just sleep on the couch in the living room! Ashley, you are not here to plan your wedding day with Fat Pig, are you?
Auntie Ashley: My wedding day? No, I am not! I am not even engaged yet! I just wanted to spend some time with my nephew, that’s all!
Mr. Brown: Oh! You did?
Auntie Ashley: Yes! I want us to get closer to each other.
Mr. Brown: Alright! How is your catering business?
Auntie Ashley: My catering business is great! I serve food to nearly every party which takes place in my neighborhood. Currently, the food which I serve a lot at parties is egg roll; some of my neighbors feel that I make the best egg rolls in the whole world!


Auntie Ashley Comes To Stay

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Auntie Ashley places a big brown suitcase on a green mat and knocks several times on Mr. Brown’s front door. She also straightens her silver silk dress (which has a print of carrot-colored flowers) and looks around her brother’s unkempt yard with a repulsed expression on her face; Fat Pig opens the door for his aunt.

Fat Pig: Oh my God! Auntie Ashley, you are already here!
Auntie Ashley: Hello Fat Pig! How are you?
Fat Pig: I am alright! Please come in! Give me your suitcase! I will put it in my bedroom!
Auntie Ashley: Alright!

Fat Pig takes the suitcase from Auntie Ashley’s hand and runs to his bedroom, throws the suitcase on the floor and runs back to the front door where his aunt is still standing.

Fat Pig: Auntie, come to the kitchen with me! We have to let Mr. Brown know that you are here!
Auntie Ashley: Yes, we have to! And when we are there you can make me peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! I am so hungry I am going to eat almost a dozen of them!

The Supermarket

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Whale is inside Moja Bleu’s small living room. The room has two blue couches and a red armchair; there is also a television set in the room and a small pine coffee table which has four storybooks upon it.

Whale: So, what do you do?
Moja Bleu: I work as a cashier.
Whale: And what does Moti do?
Moja Bleu: Moti is a chef. We both work in a supermarket in Chelsea.
Whale: Which one?
Moja Bleu: Wright and Company. You work at a publishing house, don’t you?
Whale: Yes, I do! Do you like your job?
Moja Bleu: Yes, I like my job. You?
Whale: I like my job too. Do you shop at the supermarket you work in?
Moja Bleu: Yes! I buy all my food from there.
Whale: Oh! Do you receive big discounts on all products because you work there?
Moja Bleu: Yes, I do!
Whale: So, it is very convenient for you if you shop there then?
Moja Bleu: Yes, it is! But the supermarket only sells great food and toys. It stocks clothes which are extremely cheap too but they can often be found having loose buttons or broken zippers.

Cookies and Juice

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Moja Bleu has invited Whale inside his to chat. Whale is sitting inside Bleu’s dining room: it has a rectangular table and six chairs plus a cupboard filled with teacups, dinner plates, mugs plus glasses and bowls of various shapes and sizes. The dining table has been dressed with a plastic tablecloth – it features illustrations of kangaroos and maple trees, and there is a vase of white roses plus a tattered copy of a book at the center of the table.

Moja Bleu: Would you like to have some pineapple juice with a plate of chocolate chip cookies? I baked some cookies yesterday evening.
Whale: Thanks! I would love to have some juice! What do you do every evening?
Moja Bleu: I mostly read books.
Whale: I mostly watch television.
Moja Bleu: You do not read a lot, do you?
Whale: No, not a lot!
Moja Bleu: Moti is more like you. He loves to watch television every evening.
Whale: What does he love to watch? Science documentaries?
Moja Bleu: Soap operas. He watches them every evening without fail. You?
Whale: I love watching movies and cartoons.


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Whale Goes For A Walk

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Whale is out for a walk in his neighborhood. He walks past houses of various colors: yellow, blue, green and so on. Some of these houses have chimneys, while others do not. All of a sudden, Whale spots Moja Bleu watering some flowers in his front yard.

Whale: Good morning Moja Bleu! How are you?
Moja Bleu: Good Morning Whale! I could have been better! Moti has gone to India for a few weeks. So I have to do all the household chores alone! How are you?
Whale: I am great! Is Moti visiting his family?
Moja Bleu: Yes! Moti has an extremely big family. Also, he has not visited India in the last four years!
Whale: Oh my God! Why not? His family lives there!
Moja Bleu: Moti tries to avoid visiting India as often as he can because he does not get along with many of his relatives. He once told me that many of them were spiteful knuckleheads.