Top 3 Drinking Games

Drinking games are good ideas to create memorable evenings with your friends

Drinking games at college, on the surface, sound like the most ridiculous of games to take part in, not least because the game involves just casually getting wasted by drinking plenty of alcohol. Where is the fun in ruining a perfectly good Friday evening doing something like that when you can easily be spending just having fun at your friends’ house instead (with them)? Drinking games, in my outlook, are more brilliant when others take part in them and you just get to stay sober (with your wine glass completely full) and come across as really sociable (but uptight) by just looking at the human population make total fools of themselves. My picks for top drinking games:

  1. Beer Pong: you start by playing ping pong by throwing the ball into the cup of the team that your team is playing against but you must make sure that the cups create a triangle, that they are filled with beer and that your competition drinks when the ball lands.
  2. Most Likely To: you form a group and have one person ask this question: “Who is most likely to…?” and fill in the blanks there each time that a round completes with entries such as “become a hobbit, drop out and become a chef, get married, have children”; when most members of your group point fingers at you because you are most likely to do this, you must drink before the same round repeats itself again.
  3. Never Have I Ever: whilst drinking with your friends, answer no to any questions asked about whether or not you have done this or done that because otherwise you have to drink.


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Capsule Review

Charlie Puth’s second album provides a different take on contemporary pop sounds. But was it really necessary for Charlie to reinvent (with pop)? Featuring collaborations with a range of music artists (like, Kehlani), the album also has Charlie aboard as the producer for the first time. The 26-year-old, very shockingly, actually manages to impress with Voicenotes: Puth’s version of pop might be quite gritty but it is still remarkably catchy. It very much proves that something as brilliant as pop can be diversified in form and the result of that can be so good too. Standout tracks include: Attention and How Long.

Rating: 8/10

Getting Kids To Eat Vegetables

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Be smart (as a parent) and think about why improvising with what you want is a great idea

Thinking up ways to feed your kids healthy food seems like a lot of work because children have this tendency to desire to shun food which have vegetables in them. But it does not have to be so hard, as long as you are smart about the recipes you choose for your kids’ meal plans. Also, if you just teach your children that eating vegetables is a really good thing to do and that eating it with your favorite foods does not mean that the dish is unappetizing at all, it will widen their taste palette for the future and really help them avoid cultivating a tendency to just run away from the sight of vegetables. Top ideas:

  1. Hamburger and coleslaw
  2. Potato chips
  3. Beef and vegetables tortilla wrap
  4. Beef noodles (with vegetables)
  5. Large tomatoes (stuffed with vegetable fried rice)
  6. Vegetable sandwich (with cheese slices)
  7. Cheese (and spinach) toast
  8. Breaded cauliflower
  9. Sweet potato chips
  10. Vegetable soup

Why September 11 Is Important

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September 11, 2001 is the day when a tragedy of mammoth proportions happened in the US and for that very reason the date should always be remembered

The date September 11 will perhaps forever be synonymous with the terrorist attacks that were carried out in the US by al-Qaeda. Apart from the sudden (and very tragic) loss of thousands of lives, two of New York’s most iconic buildings: the Twin Towers got demolished because terrorists had hijacked two American airplanes and deliberately crashed both of the airplanes into the buildings; also, a wing of the Pentagon and the buildings near the Twin Towers were severely damaged.

In my opinion, what this episode did was globally highlight the urgent need for countries across the world to strengthen their positions to counter the threat that terrorism posed for them all. At the moment, nations such as Turkey, India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and France still seem to be at a relative risk of getting attacked by terrorists but overall lesser number of people than before reportedly have been dying because of such attacks and that is definitely a positive sign.

In the United States, also in my view, September 11 should be remembered because the day demonstrates the reason why the country fell vulnerable to such terrorist attacks – religious fundamentalism clearly felt the need to target the only (living) superpower because of everything that it stood for and what the state has always stood for are good values (such as freedoms and the need to always progress), and nothing else. For those very reasons, September 11 should not be looked upon as an example of the vulnerability of the United States and should instead be remembered for a tragedy that could have been avoided and what can be learnt from it to defend a country (and its people) really a lot better in the future.

Why Work Should Be A Labor Of Love

Work can’t really feel like an exciting daily episode if you don’t love it

City of London, Night View

Work, in my point of view, should always be a labor of love. If you love your work, then no matter how hard you have to work all the time, it is really difficult to rid from your mind the thought of coming back the next day and repeating all of that laboring. Also, an individual should always be on the lookout to work faster within a certain length of time. I actually am of that frame of mind myself – I like to not unnecessarily labor, so whenever I can, I minimize my task load but still whilst getting a lot done.

It sounds really challenging but it is a perfectly feasible idea because hard work can actually be tough for two reasons: it is either physically just too much effort or it is just too intellectually rigorous for comfort. In both instances, cramming a lot of work within short hours is hard. But if you stay focused and avoid distractions like the plague, then it isn’t tough – it is actually a labor of love.

Blau Finds A Hut

Blau pushes her head out of the water and tries to swim towards some snow-covered lands that she can sight nearby as Snowball sits atop her neck. After fifteen minutes of putting to use her really bad swimming skills (it only really consists of flailing her arms around like mad), Blau manages to swim ashore and then collapses on snow-covered terrain, with Snowball by her side. Freezing and exhausted, Blau notices that she doesn’t have any extra clothes to keep herself warm.

Despite feeling horribly tired, realizing that she might just freeze to death if she stays in this condition any longer, Blau helplessly runs to look for someone to help her (and Snowball) in what appears to be a vastly empty landscape that is littered with nothing more than snow and the odd twigs here and there. After thirty minutes of running, Blau (and Snowball) find a small hut in a deep valley almost completely covered with snow; smoke is violently erupting from the hut’s chimney and there is also a small pond close to the hut that seems to be quite covered with twigs and brown leaves on one side. Realizing that someone must live inside the hut, Blau quickly descends down the valley and towards it.

Eight knocks on the door of the hut…

Blau: Uh! Is anybody home?…Does anyone live here…in this hut?

A door creaks open and Blau finds a confused old man wearing a nightdress and a nightcap; the man has a really long white beard which remarkably touches the floor and he is holding a burning white candle.

Blau: I know it is late. But me and my dog, we are both very lost; we both fell into the big river nearby and it is really cold. I have been looking for help for some time now and your hut is the only place it looks like I could turn to. Do you have any spare clothes I could maybe borrow for the two of us? I actually really fear I might just freeze to death in mine – it is all wet from my fall into the river, and I…
Old Man: Oh! Come on in! I am sure I can lend you and your dog some of my clothes. I am sorry if I look a wee bit startled! You see, I do not usually get visitors but I am so happy you have come to me for some aid! I will also feed you some of my hot turnip soup to get you warm really fast…it is actually really tasty!

Blau silently follows the old man into his hut and the door slams shut very loudly behind her and Snowball.

Supermodels 2018

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Beauty that is skin deep gets personified on the face of a supermodel and it is a form of beauty that is everlasting

Supermodels, I think, are that rare breed of models who have fronted the most number of campaigns, can portray different looks with ease, has a superior artful way to move and also has the most interesting of dispositions. It is really tough to dominate in the modeling world because there are just so many models on the block and only a certain number of fashion magazines and fashion labels to appear on the cover of or model for, respectively. But some models manage to break through all of that competition and exhibit really good work continuously and that is what separates them and makes them positively stand out. In my viewpoint, the supermodels for this year:

  1. Taylor Hill
  2. Kaia Gerber
  3. Fei Fei Sun
  4. Joan Smalls
  5. Candice Swanepoel
  6. Imaan Hammam
  7. Faretta
  8. Karlie Kloss
  9. Gigi Hadid
  10. Anna Ewers