A Very Musical Evening

A Very Musical Evening


Notte by Marchesa lace ball gown
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Notte by Marchesa lacy dress
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Tabitha Simmons satin shoes
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Delfina Delettrez triangle jewelry
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Surratt makeup
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Hip Hop Home: Bunny Decor

Hip Hop Home: Bunny Decor


The One: Evenings Of Wondering (With BFF)

The One: Evenings Of Wondering (With BFF)


Marchesa floral gown
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Diamond ring

Hair accessory

Tea Time: Green Tea Beauty

Tea Time: Green Tea Beauty



An arranged marriage is often equated with a marriage that is without love. It sounds like the most dreadful of experiences but not anymore – at least, now there is some humor in the whole process because of a new board game in town called Arranged! Invented by Nashra Balagamwala, a 24-year old Pakistani girl, the game was inspired by her family constantly pestering her over when she is going to get married.

An Arranged Marriage

Nashra was even sent on a couple of rounds of meetups with potential suitors, handpicked by her family for her, but she didn’t like any of them, so ran away to New York to study at the Rhode Island School of Design and get herself out of the constant prospect of this loveless marriage that is quite common in South Asia, particularly in Pakistan; in fact, Nashra actually conceived the board game when she was scheduled to return home to Pakistan, and that also to some marriage proposals.

Arranged! provides a unique insight into the culture of arranged marriages, safely steering it away from the idea that the marriage is probably one that is coerced or filled with horrific violence. Instead, what Arranged! does is something very different: the game involves helping three women get out of the prospect of an arranged marriage, which is greatly in the interest of a matchmaker – she wants to marry the women off to any boy she can find, even womanizers. The women in the game are to do this by trying to display they’re perfect models of all that is frowned upon in Pakistani society, from having an older sister who married a white boy to being a woman who has guy-friends – there is just too much reservation in Pakistani society with the thought of men and women becoming friends.

The game is more a reflection of Nashra’s own experiences of getting herself out of marriage proposals: she has done it all, including putting on weight and getting darker skin temporarily with the help of a tan – men in the Indian subcontinent tend to romantically gravitate more towards a woman if she is fair-skinned. With Arranged!, Nashra has also surprisingly managed to throw herself out of what is considered an ideal bride in Pakistani society – a woman, who is supportive of her husband, can be seen rather than be heard, and as a woman she is never candidly expressive of her very own theories.

Arranged! is most certainly the bravest of games, managing to put a spotlight on the plight of women in South Asia because of the circumstances that their particular society can place them in, where having restrictions in place over freedom of speech and the freedom to decide as women who they would like to marry, are considered the norm sometimes. That, and the game also has a rather fun outlook.

Prints Rule!

Prints Rule!


What To Do With Oats

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Eating right doesn’t always have to mean a compromise and that’s where oats come to the rescue

Packed with vitamins, fibre, iron and antioxidants, oats is the ideal choice when attempting to lose some holiday weight. The carb has a tendency to keep you fuller for longer – none of those added worries of what to eat inbetween a bowl of oats if you have a busy day coming up, and your breakfast consisted of only a serving of oats and milk, sprinkled with nuts and fruits.

Oats is also gluten-free, which means that it’s an ideal replacement for the more traditional carbs in your lunchplan, such as white bread or rotis: going gluten-free actually means there is a greater assurance that your body is burning fat because of what you choose to eat. There are so many ways to eat oats – I think my favourite would be to substitute breadcrumbs, to cook fried food, with oats. But other equally good options include:

  • Using oats to make your favourite fruit-flavoured smoothie.
  • Whipping up a veg-based soup, with added thickness – a generous helping of oats (crushed into powder-form) will really help get the thickness for your soup.
  • If you love quinoa, then you can mix quinoa and pieces of seasonal veg available at your grocer’s, with oats, to create a different kind of alternative dish to the more traditional rice normally reserved for lunch and dinner.
  • Cook pilaf with oats, instead of rice. Seasonal veg, salt to taste, and the chicken broth will make for an interesting combination with the carb, that is actually much lower in calories than brown rice, which can easily make a great pilaf.