The Book

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Blau is trying to fall asleep on the couch in the living room but finding it hard to do so. As a result, she gets up and looks through the many books shelved in the bookcase to find a good book to read. She takes a book out which has the title ‘Ivan’s Great Life’ on its spine and lies back down on the couch to takes a look at it with the help of a burning candle which is propped up on a red plate near the foot of the couch; it provides her with some light in the dark.

The book is written in a language which Blau is unfamiliar with; she finds this strange because the title of the book is written in English. Soon, however, Blau comes across a page in the book which contains two paragraphs of English text:

‘A long time ago there was a woman called Thelma who used to live in Vladivostok in a neighborhood called Tulip Lane. Thelma had a troublemaking son called Asher who Ivan had met when he was in the Russian city. Asher had shared a story with him: Thelma had lost her mind when she came to realize that the man she was secretly in love with had never heard about her; he was a very handsome prince and Thelma was just an ordinary woman.’

‘Ivan was out one evening for a walk in some snow-covered park in town where he had claimed that he had seen a ghost. The ghost was that of a man and it was wearing a long jacket, a pair of trousers and loafers. He was roaming through the park murmuring the words, ‘Natalie, where are you? I am innocent.’

To Blau, the two stories sound oddly similar to two mysteries which she has been trying to solve at work. Soon, Blau falls fast asleep and the book falls from her hand and onto the ground.


The Test

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Hot Dog is reading through three questions which her teacher, Fiona Ward, has written on the blackboard with chalk:

Why could Jason not marry Hazel?
How did Jason and Faith meet?
What did Jason ask Faith to give him?

She and her classmates are having a Literature test. For the test, they have to write down answers to the questions on sheets of paper within forty-five minutes; Ward will then grade the answers and let them know during their next class how they performed in the test.

Forty-five minutes later…

After the test is over, the students hand their papers over to Fiona and she permits them to talk to each other till their class is over.
Jack: How did you find the test Hot Dog?
Hot Dog: Um, it wasn’t too hard! What about you?
Jack: I found it too hard! I couldn’t remember…
Fat Pig (interrupts): I don’t think I did well in this test! I wrote Jason couldn’t marry Hazel because she liked to eat tuna when he didn’t but I just know that that wasn’t the reason why he couldn’t. Moo (a classmate), do you think you’ll pass?
Moo: I couldn’t remember most of the story when I wrote down my answers but I am really hoping that I will pass!

An Office Meeting

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How to dress for an office meeting

As an office-holder or official, it’s important to look the part during a meeting at your office. In order to do that, pick clothes which make you look smart but stylish.

Balmain Longline Double-Breasted Blazer at Harrods
This red-colored blazer has long sleeves, padded shoulders and a double-breasted design; it also has gold-colored buttons which nicely contrast with the color of the coat.

Alexander McQueen Narrow Bootcut Trousers at Harrods
This pair of black-colored trousers has a narrow cut and a straight leg design; the trousers is slightly flared too – it adds womanly charm to the ensemble.

Chloé Baroque Logo-jacquard blouse at Matches Fashion
This cream-colored blouse has pointy collars and bell-shaped cuffs; it also has the brand’s logo in jacquard and in a baroque-design – tuck the shirt inside the trousers to look well turned out.

Office Mistress Slingback Point Heels Black Nubuck at Office
This pair of black-colored heels has a v-shaped cut on the upper and a slingback design; it has stiletto heels as well – the heels add elegance to the ensemble.

The Woman in the Golden Gown

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Hot Dog and Jack are studying together at the former’s house for a school test. The two are trying to read and memorize a story, titled ‘The Woman in the Golden Gown’, from which their teacher will ask questions and then grade them over their memorization skills.

The Woman in the Golden Gown

Once upon a time there lived a poor boy in a forest. He was called Jason. Jason was madly in love with a young girl called Hazel who had liked him back but they could not really be together because her parents had forbidden her from marrying somebody poor; Jason was heartbroken over this. One day, Jason meets a young woman sitting pretty in a voluminous (and off-the-shoulder) golden gown in the forest. She shares with Jason that her name is Faith and that she was from a village nearby; Faith also shares that she was sitting in the forest because she had tripped over a rock, fallen down and injured her legs so badly that she can no longer walk on her own. Hearing this, Jason carries Faith back to his house in the forest and lets her stay until her legs have completely healed.

Because of how kind Jason was to Faith, she reveals to him that she has magical powers; Faith also wanted to show how thankful she was for letting her recover at his house by making his greatest wish come true with magic. Jason asks Faith to make him a rich man so that he can marry the woman he loved. After hearing this, Faith gives him a bag of gold coins and soon after, she goes back to her village. Jason takes the coins and goes to Hazel to ask her to marry him but he finds out that he is too late: Hazel has already married another man. Heartbroken once again, Jason gives all the gold coins away to poor people in nearby villages and opts to lead his life alone in the forest, until he can find another woman to fall in love with.

An Outdoors Concert

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What to wear to an outdoors concert

In order to create an ensemble for an outdoors concert, pick items from your wardrobe which can be put together for something casual. Remember to also make the ensemble practical enough with the inclusion of a pair of sneakers just so that the experience of standing for a very long time to listen to live music does not wear you out.

Balenciaga Speedhunters cotton long-sleeve T-shirt at Matches Fashion
This black t-shirt features a print of a great looking but imaginary boy band from the nineties called ‘Speedhunters’; the back of the t-shirt is printed with imaginary tour dates as well and it is just perfect for boys who love both music and boy bands.

Frame L’homme slim-leg jeans at Matches Fashion
A pair of blue jeans that has plenty of pockets and a skinny design; make it a part of the ensemble to look effortlessly informal.

Prada Logo-plaque baseball cap at Matches Fashion
This incredibly bright orange-colored baseball cap can act as a style statement and also protect your hair if it suddenly rains when you are at the concert.

Maison Margiela Stereotype canvas low-top trainers at Matches Fashion
This pair of trainers is in a beautiful color – burgundy and also has topstitching in a contrasting white color; they are remarkably casual looking too.

The Brown Box Of Old Books

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It is a Saturday morning. Whale is sitting on the floor of his living room with Hot Dog and looking through a brown box filled with some dusty old books. His mother dropped by last evening to give him the box – the books used to belong to Whale when he was still in school.

Hot Dog: Did you actually read all these books Whale?
Whale: Yes, I did!
Hot Dog: Which one was your favorite?
Whale (picks out a book from the box): It was this one!
Hot Dog: I like the cover of the book! It is in a nice green color and the bronze lettering on it is also very nice! What is the book about?
Whale: It is a really scary book – a bespectacled, very studious and unsociable boy one day disappears from this school and strange murders starts happening in a neighborhood close to the school.
Hot Dog: Oh my God! How does the story end?
Whale: The mystery with who is behind those murders and why gets solved. We will read it later together! I want to keep that book and a few others from this box. But first, I need to clean the books and also find some space in one of our bookshelves.

Hoisin Chicken Wraps

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How to make tortilla wraps filled with hoisin-sauce-flavored chicken

Hoisin chicken wraps are perfect to eat for both lunch and dinner. The ingredients which you will require to make them are as follows: chicken (sliced into thin strips), salt, pepper, squashed ginger and garlic, cooking oil, hoisin sauce (for example: Life Hoisin Sauce), four tortillas (for example: from an ‘Old El Paso Restaurant Grande Shells’ pack), nine spring onions and lettuce.

Firstly, take a frying pan and add cooking oil to it; let the oil heat up. Secondly, mix the chicken strips with salt, pepper, garlic and ginger; also, dice the spring onions and keep it aside in a bowl. When the oil in the frying pan has heated up, add the chickens to it and cook well; when the chicken has been thoroughly cooked, add hoisin sauce and deep fry. Finally, spread a lettuce leaf over a tortilla and add some of the diced spring onions plus a few of the chicken strips to it and make a wrap. Serve the dish warm.