Whale Goes Tomato-Red

Whale is conversing with a coworker today, at lunch. He hasn’t spoken to John, in ages. John is the Assistant Editor, and works right below, the Editor-at-Large, Bart. Over tea, they are discussing the political climate in Great Britain.
Whale: The other day, I was seeing David Cameron address his rumours about quitting politics if he lost. I was so ecstatic when I thought he might be onto something, but then he snailed out of it and landed on shy murmurs.
John: Really? This climate is so frustrating at times! Can you believe the candidates they are putting out for Labour? No one cares, at all and it is infuriating.
Whale: Oh, is that what angers you…irresponsible people in positions of power?
John: Yes! It doesn’t bother you?
Whale: It does! I can barely control my anger on some days but last night I met something that angered me more.
John: Really? What was it?
Whale: Labour supporters who thought David Cameron would stop with the shy murmurs.
John: …..
Whale: I mean, it was like being on pins and needles. The atmosphere was so unbearable. They are learning nothing from Ms. Bart’s published books.
John: ….you expect them to change that much now that she took over Penguin Press?
Whale: But they love the books, the cover arts. Business is doing so well. I have actually seen some devour the flap descriptions at Waterstones.
John: Aren’t you simple-minded? Society might be advancing but some people never change their colours.
Whale: You know, I do wish they would share a little bit of my tomato-red face, sometimes!


Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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