Whale & Bart…Gossip

Whale is sitting at the balcony on the second floor of the office, hungrily reading a tabloid. Bart notices this while running to-and-fro, from her office for emergency stationary, and stops for a second to chat.
Bart: What you reading?
Whale:…Huh? Oh Hi Miss Bart!..Oh nothing! Just Hollywood gossip!
Bart: Anything interesting?
Whale: Nah! Not really! I was looking at Leonardo DiCaprio’s past girlfriends and comparing them to those of Ryan Reynolds. DiCaprio went out with every actress/model/recording artist that was a hit in the ’90s.
Bart: Oh did he? He was that desperate to get laid, huh?
Whale:….Yeah! But Reynolds was something else…he got married three times already, and he’s like your age.
Bart: Oh that’s like the social protocol of Hollywood heartthrobs. They are a different species from the rest of us super-successful people, irrespective of whether or not you are a Hollywood star! They must get married young because they were unloved as kids.
Whale:……………Really? Is that why they made it? They could connect emotionally with the painful experiences of those in service-jobs?
Bart: Mmmmm! I think so yeah! I think we will be getting a round of “Put a ring on it!” from DiCaprio’s “latest squeeze” and her fans, soon!
Whale:…..Can’t wait for that wedding to appear on Hello!
Bart: Yeah, he’s just not posh enough for People.
Whale: Precisely. It’s because he’s crazy in love!
Bart: What else do you expect when your the “Baby Boy” of so many Kates?
Whale:…………….I loved it when he went out with Gisele. I never followed it but the photos seems to have captured the true essence of their young love: getting uglier by the day at the beach.
Bart: Yeah! He loves slender, athletic Brazilian bombshells!


Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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