Whale Meets Hot Dog

It is Sunday. Whale has been anticipating this weekend for a very long time, infact ever since he moved home to be closer to work. Today is the day Whale is going to be getting a puppy for his home. So, off he goes to Borough, to get a new playmate for himself.
When Whale arrives at the shop, you can hear the sound of a bell jingle and a wooden door creaks open.
Shopkeeper: Yes!
Whale: Morning! I am looking for a puppy for myself and my home. I have wanted to get one since I was a child, and there has never been the right moment to do so, until now.
Shopkeeper: My! That’s a heartwarming story! We have many dogs in the shop. Why don’t you take a look and let me know, which you would want?
Whale: Alright! Oh My God! Look at all the hairy puppies! I think I would like a small dog. She can follow me everywhere I go. Let’s see which do I want!!! Oh look at that little poodle…it’s busy eating six carrots.
Poodle looks up at Whale and growls.
Whale: Lovely! I can’t wait to braid your hair!…Oh there is one right next to it, sleeping so soundly. Hello! (pokes the cage) How are you?…………………….It’s a Dachshund.
Dachshund: (opens it’s eyes and looks at Whale sheepishly). Hi!
Whale: GYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….Did you just say “Hi”?
Dachshund: Yes, I did! Is that exclamation a greeting for where you are from?
Whale: ……………No! I just got startled! I’m from Chelsea. Is that where your home is? Oh what am I doing! You don’t remember all of that.
Dachshund: I’m from a hunting pack of dogs. My family was especially skilled in catching foxes and working together with hounds, to please their masters.
Whale: ……….Yes, I would like this dog! (goes off to tell the shopkeeper)
Whale buys the Daschund and leaves the shoppe, with it in a brown paper bag.
Dachshund: (pops his head out of the brown paper bag) Oh it’s snowing. My cage was all the way in the back – the only view I got for the last few days, was of crop piles, for the horses.
Whale: You do not have to worry about that anymore, Hot Dog. It snows all around my house, during winter. I can also find you a nice spot to sleep on next to the fireplace, as I read.
Dachshund: Do you live alone?
Whale: Yes, I do. I have got no friends at all, aside from Ms. Bart.
Dachshund: What about your wife?
Whale: I don’t have any but I have been kind of seeing this lady Amanda, who adores chutney, poppadums and salsa.
Dachshund: Together?
Whale: Yeah! It’s filthy! I like the dishes on their own but never together. Have you ever had them?
Dachshund: Nope. I was only fed a diet of milk, tomatoes and oats. But never together.
Whale: I can whip up a mean milkshake myself, with strawberry.
Dachshund: Can you? I never had a milkshake. Just those pure milk, that the milkman would bring around to the place in crates of bottles. The shopkeeper kept insiting it was necessary for the puppies to drink a whole milk bottle every weekday.
Whale: …………..I grow strawberries in my garden. So, they will be seasonal too for fruity milk. You can play with them, as I make my delicious milkshake.


Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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