Jack Is In The Grey Trash Can

Hot Dog is out pruning the front garden today, when she sees her buddy Jack being shouted at in his home, right opposite to hers.
Jack Sr:…and another thing! How many times do I have to ask you to clean the kitchen after you are done making pancakes? This is the last straw!
Jack Sr. picks up Jack and throws him in the grey metal trash can in their yard. Hot Dog rushes to the grey trash can to see if it’s mate is alright!
Hot Dog: Morning Jack!
Jack Sr: Oh! Hello there, my dear! What are you doing up so early?
Hot Dog: (yawn)…mowing the lawn!
Jack Sr: I am still redoing the kitchen! Putting up the new wooden cabinets! Come and check it out later!
Hot Dog: Alright!….(looks at a fuzzy blue cloud emerging from the trash can, punctuated with exclamation marks!)…Jack…Jack, are you okay down there?
Jack: No! (His disheveled head pops out of the trash can and positions right infront of Hot Dog) Why are you holding the trash can?
Hot Dog: So that I don’t fall when I’m talking to you! You stink btw!
Jack: It’s the trash can, not me!
Hot Dog: Don’t lie! Your hair is all matted now!
Jack: I am not lying! I took a shower just yesterday!
Hot Dog: Sure, you did!!! Because your like me, you shower every single day! I bet your being cozy inside the trash can!
Jack:No I am not! Help me out! It hurts when I try to get out!
Hot Dog: How will I pull you out? You are 3 times my size!
Jack:Just pull!!!!!!!!!!!
Hot Dog: Okay, onion!….pulls….
Jack:I not an onion….(puts one of his big legs out of the trash can)…
Whale: (shouts from inside the house) Hot Dog!!! How much of the lawn are you done with? You still have to finish your HW!
Hot Dog: Yeahhhhhhhh! Almost Done! Coming….(let’s go of Jack, so he falls back inside the trash can and returns to mowing the lawn).
Jack:(grumbles inside the trash can amidst vigorous mowing lawn noises by Hot Dog) Nyah! I don’t hate Hot Dog! I love her! Tomorrow we be going to school…in the schoolbus…we also share our lunches…Hot Dog!!!!!!!!


Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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