Whale Meets Yellow and Green

Whale is busy at home today. He has been cooking and cleaning around the house. He goes back to work properly on Friday, so until then he must make sure his cottage home is nice and cozy enough.
Whale:Hot Dog! Don’t watch television so early on a weekday! Come and sit at the breakfast table!
Hot Dog: (switches off broken television) What’s for breakfast today?
Whale:Omelettes and ham sandwiches.
Hot Dog:Oh! (pours milk into his mug) I have some homework to finish today before I head to school on Friday!!!
Whale:Are you playing nice with Jack Jr. II honey? I haven’t seen him around in days! Made any other friends in school? Oh I have so much work too! Thousands of books to proofread!
Hot Dog:Jack is still wrapping up HW. I met a funny-looking sheepdog, yeah that Jack is really jealous of btw because he has a super shiny coat and doesn’t ride the schoolbus with us. Jack is a chubby sheep…dog.
Whale:What? His Dad always drives him to school?
Hot Dog:Yeah! He wears four pairs of Lacoste sneakers and an Armani jersey jacket to school!
Whale:…You don’t say?…What colour?
Hot Dog:Yellow and Green everywhere, Dad! Yellow and Green everywhere!


Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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