Hot Dog & Whale Go To School

Hot Dog’s first diary entry

Hot Dog and Whale are going to school together today because it is a Parent-Teachers Conference Day.

They are in their light-blue convertible when Hot Dog gets scared of what lies ahead.

Whale: What happened, little baby? Why are you breaking out in cold sweat?
Hot Dog flashes him a grin and explains how she is worried about what her teachers might tell her Dad. She is not worried about her grades because they’re alright but she is scared…of something.

Hot Dog: So, that’s the problem!…Aside from all the other things I am bothered about, I haven’t heard back from my Maths lab partner, Fat Pig. I dunno when he’s gonna be at school, yet and what his Dad might do to him, even though he mostly does okay at school! He’s a cool dog, always laughs at my jokes! Like everyone else in school Pig lives in our neighbourhood, six houses on the left of our house!

Whale: What about Jack Jr. honey?

Hot Dog:…he went to school with his Dad, in a grey trash can! His Dad was driving their ash-grey car!

Whale: There is nothing to be worried about! We are just going to talk about how great you are in school!

Hot Dog: That doesn’t help solve my problem at all!…..OMG! Dad look FFC, right up ahead!!!! Can we stop for some soda?

Whale:……………….what is FFC?

Hot Dog: It’s a fast food ripoff of KFC, called Front Fried Chicken, that like naturally Wall Street is all red about but it’s like a novelty in Iran and now it’s here. Can we go?

Whale: It’s woooot?

Hot Dog: Can we get soda from it? It’s what I just said!

Whale: Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

Hot Dog: Why not?!?!?!?! You don’t like Iran, do you?

Whale: It’s a rip……..I love Iran like anything!!!!!!!!!!!

Hot Dog:Oh yeah? Tell me one thing you like about it!

Whale:I like the desert and Arabs!

Hot Dog:………….(grumbles) can’t have soda from desert!!!


Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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