A Puppet and a Young Boy…

It is a cold and dull day, in Hamburg. Two officers, one young and reading Der Spiegel and one senior figure looking at the television adverts, are busy conversing.
Blau: What are these new puppets that you were talking to me about last evening?
General Adam: They are a unique species of young children breaking shop windows in neighbourhoods all over Germany. Everyday I open the newspaper and see them all escaping from the authorities.
Blau: You mean the Polis?
General Adam: Yes, they must be captured because shopkeepers around the country are crying out for our help. They close shop at night and go back home to catch a peaceful slumber and come back in the morning to see shards of window glass on the ground.
Blau: How are they escaping?…Oh tea is here!
Chef Blueberry walks into the damp yellow-walled room and gives Blau and General Adam two purple cups of milk-tea.
General Adam: The problem is they all suffer from mass amnesia. They claim to not understand anything too but that’s just hogwash – they are trying to avoid prosecution. It’s hard to pierce that confusion bubble.
Chef Blueberry: Are you talking about Yellow Wasps?
Blau: Cheers! (to the chef handing her tea) Would you like me to go to Central Station and take a look at the case files? I’m already swamped with case files but I don’t mind checking that out too.
General Adam: Why yes, that would be lovely! What is keeping you so busy aside from Wasps?
Blau: There is this maiden in Rome who’s been kidnapped. She is the daughter of a Soviet Prince and it is causing national headlines because she was supposed to get married to a young boy, only three days later. That is just one case. I’m also busy with archaeological excavations and upgrading our technology workstations – the blueprint says they need improvement.
Chef Blueberry: Wow! That is so exciting! I will have your lunch all ready for you, when you get back from Central Station! I was reading about Wasps…
At that exact moment, a young boy starts screaming outside their window. The three run outside and sees a boy holding a gun and lying on the ground still, as blood is spilling from his forehead.
General Adam: OMG! The young boy has been shot!
Blau: I think he just killed himself!
Chef Blueberry:……..Well, obviously he’s killed himself, hasn’t he? He’s holding a gun! Blau go to the Purple Street hospital and ask them to send some medical staff to come and help us take a look at the boy…

Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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