A Royal Puzzle

The crew at Central Station is still busy and confused about their latest case but not Admiral Gepetto – he is busy eating kimchi and choosing the right legendary gardener to come and do the magnificent lawns. Now, must he choose Spanish or French?


Sandy: Father?
George: I don’t want to talk to you.
Sandy: What? Why not?
George: You have been causing a lot of damage to the family name. I heard you were friends with Noel.
Sandy: Yes, he flies kites with me. Rides bicycles with me into the woods, when I’m home.
George: You don’t have any friends in school?
Sandy: I don’t. All the kids are richer than us and constantly make fun of my accent.
George: So, you have chosen to be friends with Noel? That boy’s father is a woodcarver at Saints. You know those people don’t earn more than fifty pence an hour for a full day’s work, which is probably, in all likelihood, not enough for any day.
Sandy: But he’s a good boy! Is that why you won’t speak to me?
George: No! I heard you want to join the woodcarvers trade!
Sandy: What? No! I don’t want to do anything like that! I want to go to college, like you!
George: And what do you want to do then? Afterwards? Do you want to go off and become another Noel? You have taken no interest in the family business of drama productions at all. I can see what you do with your time in school. Everyday you dream of joining the ballet trade, of dancing around in exuberance but you don’t even like our production of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
Sandy: What? NO!!!! I enjoy that very much! Father…


General Adam: Now, that was the transcript of the last phone conversation Sandy has had. It was with his father but the kid then left home, thinking that he was a Soviet Prince’s son?

Blau: There is this idea that he has that he was related to the crown princess. He found out before but he didn’t know how to break it to him. One of the kids at school was Rebecca’s cousin and she has a photograph of herself and Rebecca in her room.

Next to Rebecca is a baby by the name of Sandy in a green onesie, and the boy is him but he’s never worn that onesie in any photo outside of his parents’ cottage, let alone in the same frame as those two women. When he asked his schoolmate who he was, she said it was Rebecca’s brother.

General Adam: Well, that was a tragic fate he has had. How can he be that woman’s brother though? That woman could be lying!
Blau: I am going to go collect some blood samples. Come on Snowball!
General Fries: What? At the Soviet?


Blau and Snowball are on the train to Moscow. It is cold and she has a box-of-a-train compartment to herself, with her luggage. She is busy making Snowball’s fluffy bed at the foot of her comfy and regal bed, when Phillip notices her.

Phillip: Who is that girl? That girl in the black coat and blue scarf?
Admiral Rouge: Oh that’s Blau! I better go say ‘Hi’ to her! She’s my colleague!

Phillip sees Admiral Rouge knock on Blau’s door, which is half-ajar before entering and walks off a little bit grumpy to his own train compartment.

Phillip shares his room with Admiral Rouge – the two are going to the Soviet for military and naval discussions. Everyone is going later than the two – the Admiral owns a fat owl, who likes to sleep on Phillip’s bed. Phillip, still grumpy, about not getting the chance to be better acquainted with Blau throws the owl off his bed.

Phillip: Get off the bed, you fat bird!
The Owl: OW!!!!!!!!!!

The train is zooming fast when something dangerous happens. A green flying gargoyle, with yellow teeth, wearing an aubergine scarf and six inches in size, unhooks Blau’s train compartment from the travelling train just as it is supposed to cross a wooden bridge, through all of the snow.


Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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