At the Purple Street…

Three medical staff are running all the way from across a hospital wing because a “probable homicide” case just landed there and the old woman needs to be operated on, fast. General Adam isn’t there to notice any of it though because he is instead busy looking after the family of a young boy who has also been shot and speaking to a young soldier, who is trying to keep records of the injured and all the dead. Pronounced dead by the medical staff, the General managed to locate the name of the family of the boy from his school name-tag, affixed to the inside of his brown tweed coat.

General Adam: Yes, his name is Sandy. He was only 8 years old and went to Blake High, outside of town. He’s not actually German but from the family I can gather he’s Austrian.
Phillip: Alright! I found out from the locals that he’s been going for days without food and shelter in Hamburg. Like a homeless person he’s been roaming the streets for weeks with a blank eye, when a baker took pity on him and gave him a loaf of bread to eat. No one had seen or heard of him, since then, until today morning.
General Adam: There is no evidence to suggest he was made homeless though because he was actually in an average boarding school, that he dropped out from. How did he find a gun?
Phillip: I think he stole it. But from where?

Meanwhile, across town in Central Station, Blau and Butter Cube, his assistant/secretary, are busy investigating the case.

Butter Cube: This is so infuriating! How was the boy holding a gun and screaming? The NYTimes is full of nonsense!…The paper is saying that the boy was afraid of shooting himself so was screaming. (shouts looking at his copy of the paper) And how on Earth will I get to interrogating the shopkeepers, whose windows the possible murderer is breaking, with this case here?
Snowball: How insensitive! What will we do if we have emergencies a lot off-late?

Snowball (Blau’s Siberian Husky) and Butter Cube are busy shouting at each other at the top of their lungs, when they get thrown out into the hallway by General Fries, where they are still bickering in hushed tones.

Blau: I don’t understand this letter he’s written. It’s filled with illegible alphabets and words that sounds like he thought someone was trying to kill him.
General Fries: Really? Because I have got some important news to share…the young maiden who’s case your working on…her father just rang me and told me that he would like you to know that he will do anything to get his daughter back. And that includes political negotiations with Italy because she is after all the next-in-line to the throne. He thinks this kidnapping was politically motivated.
Blau: Oh does he? There is the slight possibility that might actually be true because Sandy thinks he was her brother.
There is silence in the room before Butter Cube and Snowball both shout from one of the many hallways in Central Station, together – “WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!”


Author: Osmi Anannya

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