Rehearsing Shakespeare…

Christmas plays in school!

Hot Dog’s practicing the play “Romeo & Juliet” in Jack’s fort.

Hot Dog: Juliet, she’s the maiden I’ve loved with my soul!

Jack: Stop saying that!!!

Hot Dog: Why? Romeo’s hoodwinked in the play!

Jack:*blushes I get no lines with you. I only look pretty in a gown & have a snobby attitude!

Hot Dog: So?

Jack: I want to change the script!

Hot Dog: You can’t its Shakespeare!

Jack: But I must…NOOO!

Hot Dog: Thou love the fortune…

Jack: I have night’s cloak…

Hot Dog:…that’s my line!!! Leave me to my grief! Jack: I’m not gonna till thou wanting of my love as that vast shore love!


Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥