Romeo’s Costume

Whale’s here!!!

Whale is going to the fort to see what Jack and Hot Dog are doing, on a lazy winter afternoon.
Hot Dog: You must wear a white dress, with golden glitters. And what are you doing about your mop-top hair?
Jack: What about your hair? What are you doing with it?
Hot Dog: I’ll just get Whale to fold it, underneath my silver crown. Are you going to grow yours?
Jack: Yeah! You are wearing a silver crown?
Hot Dog: Yup! I think I’ll research more on those medieval costumes! What colour do you think…
Whale: There you are my baby! How has the afternoon been?
Hot Dog: It’s been good!
Whale: What are you two talking about?
Jack: Romeo and Juliet!
Whale: What about it?
Hot Dog: My costumes as Romeo!
Whale: OMG!!! Your playing Romeo! My little girl…is playing Romeo?
Hot Dog: Yeah!
Whale: I read Shakespeare as a child!
Hot Dog: No you didn’t!
Whale: Yes I did!
Jack: Don’t lie to my buddy!
Whale: I’m not lying to your buddy. The Merchant of Venice is my favourite!
Hot Dog: Oh yeah? Which one was your favourite scene?
Whale: When Portia wins…
Hot Dog: Yeah, that part was nice! Can you help me make my costumes?
Jack: I’m playing Rosaline.
Whale: Yeah, I will get the Singer machine ready and…you are what?
Jack: I’m playing R-o-s-a-l-i-n-e.
Whale: Woah! I better create a pretty sword then!


Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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