Whale talks of Shrubs in School Play

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Whale is busy knitting through piles of material for Hot Dog’s costumes in the upcoming school play. He can’t make up his mind over which fabric to choose: jacquard or velvet for the princely robes, let alone the color but he has brought up yards of separate fabrics from their house’s attic to create something entirely magical and perfect for Romeo (played by Hot Dog).

Whale: Do you know how you are going to create the silver crown?

Hot Dog: I was thinking of taking silver foil and then gluing it on top of cardboard cut-outs as the crown. But will that hold my folded hair? I have got black clips to keep them nicely folded but I wanted the crown to cover them! Can you help me out with the crown there because I don’t think I can do that by myself?

Whale: Do you want to try it now?

Hot Dog: Yeah, I’ll just go get a couple of those clips…

Fat Pig: Yo’ alright!

Whale: Oh my God! You scared the living daylights out of me! Why are you standing next to the window holding a toy dinosaur?

Fat Pig: I play one of the green shrubs in Romeo and Juliet, when Romeo professes his love for Juliet, underneath the moonlit sky, in the tower that has kept Juliet from Romeo.

Whale: How many shrubs are there?

Fat Pig: About 12! I stand the closest to the tower so I will be able to see Hot Dog in full view during that scene. I really do not think you can see anything from backstage, like the audience can!

Whale: Who is playing Juliet?

Jack: (running past the window)………………………….I need something like satin materials for my gown!!!!!!!

Fat Pig: I have no idea but I think maybe Jelly Bean will get picked. He has gone mad rehearsing!

Hot Dog:………..here they are! Hey, Pig!

Fat Pig: Howdy!

Whale: Dog, who is Jelly Bean?

Hot Dog: This nerdy boy from school who loves Classics too much!

Whale: Are you friends with him?

Hot Dog: Yeah! He sat next to me and Fat Pig during the lunch break yesterday, and spoke of John Keats poetry, and how much it inspires him!

Fat Pig: I thought it was the funniest thing in the world because we were talking of dodgeball!

Whale:…What goes on in this school?

Hot Dog: Just ordinary school things goes on in our school!

Fat Pig: Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whale: You do Shakespeare and John Keats in school and love it every single day! How come when I was in school all we did was ‘The Breakfast Club’ ?


Author: Osmi Anannya

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