Hot Dog & Jim Are Being Chatty

Whale has gone to a shop in the neighborhood that has been selling yards of materials, since 1908, to get some golden ribbons, with solitare hearts/aces/spades print for Hot Dog’s costumes. Whale must particularly have those designs he has imagined, from his favorite materials shop. Hot Dog is meanwhile, watching Cartoon Network as Fat Pig’s father babysits her.
Hot Dog: Where’s Pig?
Fat Pig’s Dad: At home, with his grandfather! You can call me Jim btw! Are you hungry? Would you like me to make you ice cream?
Hot Dog: Nah, I’m good! Do you make them nicely? What’s Pig’s grandfather like, Jim?
Jim: I hate him! He was rude to me as a child a lot! He always made fun of me because I wanted to be an architect.
Hot Dog: Why?
Jim: He thought I didn’t have it in me. And Pig adores him and his stories of being a pharmaceutical industrialist…I make great strawberries turn into delicious ice cream.
Hot Dog: Oh so Pig’s grandfather is a homeopathic doctor that is huge for his homeopathic inventions?
Jim: Uh-huh! He was always about his medicine box and trees, plants, roots of trees so, I was left all alone with nothing but Renaissance architecture designs to inspire me and hopes that someday I will be quite big.
Hot Dog: Did you want Pig then?
Jim: Oh no! Pig happened because of a broken condom!


Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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