Whale Chases Ice Cream Sundae

Hot Dog wants to play with her rabbits. But she can’t because they are fast asleep after catching breakfast. They’re so lazy thinks Hot Dog as she slurps strawberry ice cream made by Jim and picks up the vintage phone that’s ringing, with a purpose.
Hot Dog: Hello! OMG Jack!
Jack: Yeah, did you just see the advert for Happy Meals on Cartoon Network?
Hot Dog: I did, yeah! Like, who wants Ben 10 that badly – it’s everywhere! They never put out good toys!
Jack: I know! It’s no Superman or Batman…AGAIN!
At that precise time, Whale pages Jim an important message.
Whale: I am pretty certain I just saw a cupcake cross the road.
Jim: (pages back) What?
Whale: The school in one of the neighborhood close to ours is having a school play on and a boy just crossed the road opposite the shop as a cupcake, as I’m still driving to the shop.
Jim: What show-offs!
Whale: Mmmmmm…I think I’m gonna chase him, his father was an Ice Cream Sundae!


Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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