Hot Dog Gossips!

Hot Dog and Jack are hanging out at Jack’s fort again, while the hunt for perfect materials for Romeo’s wardrobe goes on.
Hot Dog: Did you know that Alicia and Fred are going out?
Jack: No! Since when?
Hot Dog: Since three days. But that’s not the most surprising story…it’s that Jane cheated on her boyfriend who like lives in Philadelphia, with that gold-loving-dog, you hate!
Jack: OMG! That’s Alexander! How did that happen?
Hot Dog: Jane and her boyfriend went through a rough patch recently and it looked like they were gonna break up. He didn’t like her being in the school play with him. They are from the Juliet camp!
Jack: What? That guy’s in the play? There is no way you are going to play Romeo while he’s there!!!
Hot Dog: What? Yes, I was gonna say that he did a grand thing by making it difficult for her to be an actress. But really? You don’t decide that…Whale does!
Jack: I need to be there with you through the whole frame, on stage!
Hot Dog: WHAT?!?! There is no way that is happening!…btw, have you made out with #Gisele, the supermodel, yet? I saw on People mag everyone, in and out of Hollywood is!
Jack: Stop doing that when your mad!
Hot Dog: I’m not mad! Are you gonna cry again like the kind of girls Alexander really belongs with because I’m so bloody fierce?
Jack: Dog…shut up! I must get a bigger role in the school play now and it must be little bit different!

Hot Dog: What are you gonna play? Gonzalez in an altered Shakespeare?



Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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