Hot Dog Gossips!

Hot Dog and Jack are hanging out together at the fort again!

Hot Dog and Jack are hanging out at Jack’s fort again, while the hunt for perfect materials for Romeo’s wardrobe goes on.
Hot Dog: Did you know that Alicia and Fred are going out?
Jack: No! Since when?
Hot Dog: Since three days. But that’s not the most surprising story…it’s that Jane cheated on her boyfriend who like lives in Philadelphia, with that gold-loving-dog, you hate!
Jack: OMG! That’s Alexander! How did that happen?
Hot Dog: Jane and her boyfriend went through a rough patch recently and it looked like they were gonna break up. He didn’t like her being in the school play with him. They are from the Juliet camp!
Jack: What? That guy’s in the play? There is no way you are going to play Romeo while he’s there!!!
Hot Dog: What? Yes, I was gonna say that he did a grand thing by making it difficult for her to be an actress. But really? You don’t decide that…Whale does!
Jack: I need to be there with you through the whole frame, on stage!
Hot Dog: WHAT?!?! There is no way that is happening!…btw, have you made out with #Gisele, the supermodel, yet? I saw on People mag everyone, in and out of Hollywood is!
Jack: Stop doing that when your mad!
Hot Dog: I’m not mad! Are you gonna cry again like the kind of girls Alexander really belongs with because I’m so bloody fierce?
Jack: Dog…shut up! I must get a bigger role in the school play now and it must be little bit different!

Hot Dog: What are you gonna play? Gonzalez in an altered Shakespeare?



Author: Osmi Anannya

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