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Hot Dog, Fat Pig and Jack are hanging out together at the fort because it’s their day off from school – they have no classes today but plenty of homework to do.

Fat Pig: So the sum of 2 + 2 is 0.
Jack: No that’s 4.
Hot Dog: Yeah, what you did was subtraction!
Jack: I have the perfect idea for the play…I just wanted to increase Ciara’s presence more in the play with the gold-loving dog!
Hot Dog: No Finn does not belong with Alaina! It’s not like it’s Hugo Martin’s The Bathonian Vixen that the male protagonist fell in love with an arrogant, snobby and evil girl and somehow miraculously she consented to the marriage after like making fun of him and his affections, all her life!
Fat Pig: That is my favorite story in the whole world! I love how she is evil in her attitude towards the guy!
Jack:…….you are making it impossible for me to end the story, you really are! I must now go back to the drawing board and do what Hugo Martin could not do…
Hot Dog: What are you saying, you are Hugo Martin?
Jack: Nope, maybe be another Kevin Victor (an author of mainly adventure novels)!
Fat Pig: Yeah, like how Hot Dog is a mini-Timothy Walker (a physicist)!


Whale and Bart are busy working at the office today. They are busy reviewing the latest scientific publications.
Bart: Why is it so noisy today?
Whale: Swallow Yellowbacks (a publishing house) is having construction works going on to build it’s new Hugo Martin annex!
Bart (yells): Tim!!! Tell them to pipe down!..
Tim: Yes, Miss!!!!!!
Bart: Tim is the new janitor!
Whale: Yeah! I can’t believe I’m going to do the cover for the new Timothy Walker book! He’s great!
Bart: I know! His theories aren’t even hard to get! Everyone found it so tremendously challenging but it really wasn’t. And I got it in school!
Whale: ……..you wot?
Bart: I got his theories in my school because I studied at ‘The London Academy’ (a prestigious school) all my school life!…The kids who went to ‘The Warwick Academy’ (another prestigious school) treated it like it was such basic like learning whilst doing complicated Chemistry!
Whale: They would! Most of them go to university, like to ‘Gold University’ (a leading university) and don’t know what is India, except that it’s a country filled with poor people!


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