The Gisele Factor

When you read about Gisele Bundchen so many thoughts come to mind. The first is that she is a supermodel, or was a supermodel. Gisele has not really seen as much success as a model as she has as a sex-symbol. Older contemporaries found more success and still maintains a good standing as one of the original supermodels, despite their age crossing a firm forty. In these climates, it’s not surprising to see why Gisele quit modelling despite being only 35 years old. As one of those special supermodels who lost her sex-symbol tag to Kim Kardashian, some couple of months back, Gisele is one rose who has most definitely withered in her mid-thirties. She only ever got hounded by the media because once upon a time she was Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend, and the whole world wanted to know how she managed to date a guy that almost every teenager lusted after.

As childish as that thought sounds that is what Leonardo DiCaprio was all about in the late nineties and beyond and still is to so many women. This was when “Leo-mania” peaked and Gisele capitalized on all of that because she was so interested in being that trophy wife, that most heartthrobs wanted. She was a supermodel who has a career but it was subordinate to a man and the whole maternal instinct. Every guy in town wants to go out with a woman who can cook for them, who can make them fall in love with them with their child-like attitudes to everything – I call it foolish but I’m not a dude who has those problems of what to buy a supermodel for breakfast and dinner, just to score!!! Gisele could not tolerate Leo’s womanizing escapades, much like his heroines in all of his films, on screen ofcourse…where they all look so different from what is conventionally called beautiful.

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Their five year relationship was all over the gossip columns and it was always make-up and break-up and make-up and break-up. Imagine! How annoying that must be when you are reading the gossip columns! As an avid reader of Daily Mail and it’s gossip sheets, it’s pretty darn funny to see Leonardo DiCaprio bounce with one bikini babe after another on a yacht as you are having your breakfast tea!

Leo could not believe Gisele would not commit to him and that’s how the two broke up but if rumours are to be believed then Leonardo DiCaprio never got over Gisele Bundchen – he drunk-dials her and it’s not hard to see why he would because Gisele perhaps lay in bed and cried over losing him for perhaps forever. Men love to see women cry over them because it’s such an ego-boost to have a woman offer themselves up to you, like a plate filled with tasty dishes. Naturally, these women’s self-respect goes out the window when they meet and fall hopelessly in love with a man they must have at all costs. But that is besides the point to these women because all that matters is to have that man and his babies. Oh well! That’s Hollywood and heartthrobs for you! We must make room for all like Gisele Bundchen because of heartthrobs and their like totally “moronic” dates, that you would probably need God-damn binoculars to know more about if they became the new Prince William and Kate Middleton, with a baby on the tow! This is where you roll your eyes, put on lip gloss and declare that you love “Yellow” as the soundtrack to your life, just because you want to feel happy about the rain!


Author: Osmi Anannya

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