Omelettes & Butter

Whale and Hot Dog are making omelettes today because it’s #TGIF.
Whale: How do you like your omelettes, baby?
Hot Dog: I like mine without butter!
Hot Dog: Yeah! And baked!
Whale: I like mine with three spoons of butter!
Hot Dog: No wonder your so fat!
Whale: I’m not fat!!!! It’s really tasty to eat omelettes with a lot of butter!
Hot Dog: No it isn’t! It’s tastier to have them oozing yellow cream that is the yolk.
Whale: Oh! I adore that too but I like mine to have yolks oozing with butter as you dig in!
Hot Dog: Are you serious? People call you a cholesterol-factory!
Whale: That is just unfair! I don’t eat as much butter as those can be found in a good old paratha, that is toasted brown, instead of being white!
Hot Dog: But still! Your egg yolk falls with butter instead of falling naturally when you poke it with chopsticks!
Whale: I poke mine with a chopstick and melted butter and egg yolk falls…but if I’m honest I really do try to keep my butter as butter slabs in the egg yolk dressed with melting butter, yeah!


Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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