Pyramids & Street Culture

Around The Globe On A Festive Sleigh…

Whale and Hot Dog are gossiping about exotic countries today, whilst reading Shakespeare.
Whale:…and that is why Juliet was a maiden so pure of heart and words, Romeo forgot all about Rosaline!
Hot Dog: Mmmm…which would you say is your favourite exotic country? Point at our globe and say! I’ll spin it first for you! I like doing that sometimes!
The globe is spinning…
Whale: I like India.
Hot Dog: My favourite is Egypt!
Whale: Really? Why?
Hot Dog: They have pyramids, which I find very fascinating!
Whale: Aren’t you a little Howard Carter?
Hot Dog: I also love stories about the Nile and Pharaohs! What do you like about India?
Whale: I like the food, their love for colour and the culture!
Hot Dog: You mean the street culture?
Whale: Yeah! I also wanted to see it improve because it’s a helpless state!
Hot Dog: Yeah! We should really thank the bureaucracy present in the Indian subcontinent for doing that to a former British colony!
Whale: I think that they have only been interested in looting India because they feel that they are not worth a peaceful life!…the tragedy was just how Romeo felt because of Romeo’s estranged separation from Juliet!

Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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