Thanksgiving Lemonade

Lemonade in Autumn!

Whale is busy preparing for Thanksgiving. He has roasted the turkey and now wants to make the potatoes and he loves his mashed, with butter and olive oil.
Whale: I love how the turkey is nicely roasted with the basting still keeping the dish red enough!
Hot Dog: Want me to help out?
Whale: Yes! Why don’t you make some lemonade for us?
Hot Dog: In the winter?
Whale: Why you cannot have lemonade in the winter?
Hot Dog: No, you can but it is typically associated with summer!
Whale: I think lemonade would be good as an appetizer drink! Let me get your apron…
Hot Dog: I don’t need it…
Whale: But I already got it and look it has a cupcake saying “Yo”!
Hot Dog: Don’t do that!


Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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