The Magic Potion Advert

Whale and Hot Dog are taking a break from all of the Thanksgiving dinner preparation today and watching television. Their favourite adverts are playing, while they both rest their feet on the coffee-table.
Whale: Look, it’s that strange advert again, I have been telling you about…it mentions surprising “national sentiment against the #amazing Aung San Suu Yii”…
Advert: Hi there! Have you ever been in love? If you have then why don’t you try our ‘Magic Potion’ drink? It is sure to be the perfect drink companion to your date at a restaurant, as you catch up on each other and talk about what is happening in Burma and how much you wish you had less to frown about it? As you get dressed in a crisp, white shirt and she dresses in a white dress, with a daffodil stuck to it, as a corsage, remember with ‘Magic Potion’ how much you love to be with each other, so much school activities take a backseat, so much your latest paper on geography, what you adore, is the easiest thing you have done since each other, this weekend! Do buy Magic Potion – it will ensure the two of you never, ever break up!


Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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