The Roti-Lover

Whale and Hot Dog are watching television adverts, still.
Whale: One of my favourite meals is spaghetti, with sliced frankfurters! I think it is the most delicious meal…oh look, it’s strange advert#2 on national television!
Advert: Once upon a time there was a young princess, who made the most delicious spongecakes ever tasted! She lived atop a mountain in Paris and her shop was recognized amongst the townsfolk as that sweet goodness, that had never been compromised on! Her cakes have the ability to make you forget all your troubles because they look like a train, when they should look like a car! It is this precise hilarity that makes the cakes look that appetizing and taste even better! Mrs. Doubtful does no lies, sells no lies, makes no lies, unless you are such a tease you wish to be her regular customer because she is so friendly, you will need a whole new range of teacups to do time with her as a friend, because she secretly loves a roti-wrap of vegetables to fill her time of being chatty!


Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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