Toasted Butter On Mashed Potatoes

Butter on Potatoes!

Whale and Hot Dog are busy with the Thanksgiving dinner still. They have finished making the lemonade, with a little measurement help from Whale and are now concentrating on the mashed potato.
Whale: There is no way this dish of mashed potatoes is going to need more than three teaspoons of butter!
Hot Dog: I want to add more! Is it unsalted?
Whale: Yes, it is! But more would make it too buttery?
Hot Dog: So, what if it has too much butter? Jack’s has twelve teaspoons – he just IM’ed me!
Whale: What’s “IM’ed” me? And are you sure that’s the correct amount?
Hot Dog: Yup! IM’ed = Instant Messaged me! I was playing with Fang and Paws when he told me that he might end up in the trash can again if he doesn’t make that sixteen spoons!
Whale:…But what about the potato? They sound like they hate theirs! You don’t want to taste yours?
Hot Dog: I do! But I want mine to have more butter!
Whale: (hushed voice) I can toast the butter and fry the onions in them, and Dog will never know…


Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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