Tea and Lentils

Bloomsbury has opened it’s doors to a school visit from Fox Primary School. Jack, Hot Dog and Fat Pig are standing together in a group of overeager children excited about the trip.

Fat Pig: (eating candy) This is worse than being inside Charlie’s Chocolate Factory!

Jack: (eating Pringles) I know! Would you believe it if I thought their collection of published books on the Middle East is hiding in a secret chamber in this Bloomsbury?

Hot Dog: (eating crispy seaweed) I just hope we get free books as presents! We took time out of our lives amidst sleeping in Teacher Wheezy’s history lessons to be here!

Fat Pig: I know! At least some Bloomsbury chocolate gold coins…

Jack: How about a translated edition of that book with the picture of a taxi on the cover? That would be such a good parting present…for now!

Hot Dog: Anything will do, so long as it’s a present!

Whale pops by for a visit then…

Whale: Here you go, puppy! It’s a vintage Romeo & Juliet!

Hot Dog: Your not Bloomsbury!!!!!!

Whale: But it’s from Penguin?

Hot Dog: It’s used!

Whale: I used it only once in school!

Hot Dog: Tonight you will only be drinking tea for dinner…55 teacups of them!

Whale:…wot? But I wanted sausages and mash?

Hot Dog:That’s my dinner, not yours!

Whale: Oh yeah? I will make my own dinner then!

How Dog: How? The only recipes you know are for tea and lentil soups. How tasty!






Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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