Marmalade Sandwiches

Extraordinary Turkey Sandwiches That Damn Well Know How To Talk

Whale’s breakfast is a measly marmalade sandwich and he is pondering over his coworker’s lunch – a submarine sandwich.

Whale: How do you get the time to make that everyday?

Coworker: My wife buys me the grocery because it’s on the way to work and I just make the arrangement infront of BBC Three every night. Then I put it back in the fridge before picking it up on my way to work.

Whale: Hot Dog does my groceries on the way from school! I don’t even get the time to get my favourite tea!

Coworker: What keeps you so busy?

Whale: I have had a lot of work! I fell ill as well some days ago! That kept me behind at work…I just go home and hug Hot Dog and snore!!

Coworker: What about dinner…or the marmalade sandwich?

Whale: Hot Dog makes it for me because she loves to cook! At the moment, our nan is visiting so she’s doing the cooking…it’s all as well because I have been so unexpectedly busy!

Coworker: That’s so amazing…your pet loves to cook! My nan makes better turkey sandwiches than I do if I’m honest!

Whale: Your having leftover turkey sandwiches already? I must ask Hot Dog to make me some for dinner!

At that moment, a titanic fashion magazine, all dusty hits Whale on the head out of nowhere…


Hot Dog: I’m on a school trip to Bloomsbury today…and not an encyclopedia, that’s where I learnt about Paulo Coelho!!!


Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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