Whale Tackles Reagan

Whale is back at work in Coconut Publishing, leaving Hot Dog to enjoy the trip at Bloomsbury with her mates. He is busy gossiping with a coworker!

Whale: My dog is at Potato Post (a publishing house) today! I can’t believe I did not remember today was supposed to be the trip…how did she know I forgot?

Coworker: I think it’s because you have been so invested in editing that book on Reagan. Even Boss knows you have got nothing else on your mind aside from that sensation.

Whale: I know! I don’t even enjoy those books. Boss Bart gladly gave me the responsibility to do it and I get so mad after every sentence, it is almost as if I have a task of jumping through hoops of fire but I keep falling dangerously!

Coworker: Oh! It’s so much worse than all of that! Bart gave us the responsibility to do all of those books because we cannot keep up the demands of processing all of that fine work on how those came and destroyed our culture!

Whale: Culture? That’s where you are! I haven’t even begun thinking about that…every time someone mentions the word Reagan, my face goes red with rage and the writer does that a lot!…But I do love presenting my work to Bart because she enjoys reading my thoughts on the news stories, the fiction and the biographies!

Coworker: How is it possible to work on Reagan without feeling a thing after you read about what Bart has been editing?

Whale: Yes, for that I took up those tasks because I enjoyed squeezing the truth out of all corners about Reagan’s warped adventures in Capitol Hill in the United States of America, a former British colony!


Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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