Whale and Bart are out at Starbucks, to breakup with Margot.
Margot: Hi!!!!!!!!
Whale: Margot, I need to breakup with you again!
Margot: WHAT?
Bart: You heard that right!!!!!!!! How dare you send me messages stating I’m not mates with Whale? Your so ugly, push-up bras won’t work underneath that Urban Outfitters tee with that Urban Outfitters slogan!
Margot: We are having a couple-conversation!
Bart: Your having a breakup conversation! You two aren’t a couple anymore…why don’t you read more to be able to tell that? What else do you not understand: that curry has dried on your tee’s sleeve and it looks like it even has too much turmeric, potatoes and basil leaves, yuck! Discover washing machines more, you poor little lady from Dundee!
Whale: Margot, I have had quite enough! You cannot just…keep frustrating me! Bart you like wait outside after ordering coffee! I will just explain to Margot, she’s very confused!
Bart: Alright! I’ll just go get some latte!
Whale: Yeah! I’ll join you in like a couple of minutes, after getting latte for me too!
Margot: But Whale, you cannot touch her…
Whale: (pointing at Margot) No more chicken soup or potato curry from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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