Whale needs some ‘Help’ in dating!

Whale is running into some trouble with his typewriter, as he is busy copyediting a manuscript that outlines the significance of Gorbachev in the Cold War.
Whale: Damn! The typewriter is jammed…
Bart: Wot up!
Whale: My typewriter’s jammed…should I go get it repaired?
Bart: Sure! By the way I am getting hate-mail from a woman called Margot, who keeps saying we aren’t mates because I am always busy and thus we cannot be mates. Do you know why? For it’s been a while since we spoke, even though I am your superior, that I am your boss!
Whale:……….Margot, took it really tough when I broke up with her over her chicken soup!
Bart: So? It’s probably the reason why she breaks out in amnesia when I’m arguing with her and tells me stuff like: all my mates don’t get along – like, she knows even one!!! She is gonna get a piece of my mind for life now because she actually sent that hate-mail with a picture of her squeezed into a green Gucci dress!
Whale: I’ll speak to her and tell her to just be an ex and never ring me when I’m in the office or at home!
Bart: I don’t care! I’m bloody fierce, strong & courageous!  All I care about is how fat she looks in Gucci – you can actually see her turkey-thighs…
Whale:…Can you come with me as I break up with Margot, baby, all over again?


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