Whale and Bart are still at Starbucks, ordering a latte and trying to breakup with Margot.

Whale: Margot, baby, you have to understand. I am not just breaking up with you because you are fat and made me ill for weeks because of your chicken soup. It is also because you cannot tell my Boss that I do not like her!

Margot: I just thought it would be the sweetest thing. Normally, people don’t like their bosses. How is it that you get along with your boss?

Whale: Bart is not like other bosses. She is very friendly.

Bart: (seated some spots away from the two, mutters under her breath and over her latte) She thinks I can’t hear her! (starts shouting at Margot’s direction) I am high-maintenance too, maybe that’s another reason to say that to Whale – that I am a horrible boss and someone normally people would not get along with because I am so high-maintenance, even at work!!!

Whale: No, I don’t think you are a horrible boss, Bart! I think you are amazing!

Bart: You would say that to my face…I am your boss!

Whale:…Margot, this really is not fair. You cannot just make up things about me and then pass it to my boss. What ever made you think I would think the same things?

Margot: I just…I thought we agreed that you were never to see her again!

Bart: WHAT?!?! How dare you…

Whale: I…

Bart: You have got some nerve talking behind my back. Do you even know who I am or how powerful I am? How dare you…

Margot: I really don’t understand you!

Bart:…You really don’t understand me? Is it because your “walkman” has run out of tapes to dictate you premade English sentences?

Margot: Whale!!! Please, don’t leave me!!!

Bart: Why would he leave you? Your too desperate to begin with…

Whale:…Margot, stop with the fat lies! You cannot make money out of me and Bart with your stupid “I am pretty sure it is already” paparazzi-loving book any longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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