Yellowstone Park – The Conversation

The Conversation @ Yellowstone Park

Hot Dog, Jack and Fat Pig are sitting on a gray boulder and discussing about lodges, while the rest of the kids prepeare for their life at the camping lodges.

Fat Pig: So, basically what has happened is that all our mates are already in separate arrangements, so we cannot live with them during the trip! But what are we going to tell all of our Dads?

Jack: We will just tell them that John Smith told us to find our own separate accomodation because that is the new rule!

Fat Pig: I am pretty sure they stated they make exceptions for students, during the briefing back at our school before the trip, provided we outline why!

Jack: Yes, but I asked John Smith and he has stated that that was all before! The rules have all been changed now! Even if we outline that our Dads won’t like the idea of having to live with a family or a group of kids, because we can only afford to rent a room, there is no way that that can be changed anymore!

Fat Pig: Yeah, too many new students enrol at our school now! So, it’s not possible anymore + the rules have been changed!

Hot Dog: Why don’t we go ask John Smith for help with it because I really think we should? I had put my name down for the lodge last year but there was a confusion over the forms and my room went to some other kid – I am guessing a junior!

Fat Pig: What you can like hold it?

Hot Dog: Yeah, there are three huge lodges! In the third one, you can where I was last year during my camping trip to Yellowstone Park!

Jack: I cannot believe we cannot stay in the lodges!

Hot Dog: Better get excited for alternative accomodation then because that is like what everyone wants!



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