Yellowstone Park Trip – The Lodge

The Camping Trip @ Yellowstone Park

Hot Dog, Jack and Fat Pig are at Yellowstone Park for a camping trip. They wrapped up their Bloomsbury Books visit and now it is time for their regular camp activities. All of the students from Fox are gathered at the park on their first day of the long trip.

Park Ranger John Smith: Good morning students!

All Students: (in union) Good Morning!!!!!!!!!!

Park Ranger John Smith: I have a very exciting announcement to make. I know all of you are really tired from the long bus trip but we will be showing you to your lodges, right away. Seniors please give me your group names for arranging separate accomodation, and juniors please follow me to the lodges!

Fat Pig: WHAT?!?! We don’t get to live in the lodges?

Park Ranger John Smith: No! That is just for the junior kids! The seniors must take up responsibility that they are seniors and thus find their own accomodation, in Yellowstone Park!

Jack: But I want to live in the lodge!!!

Park Ranger John Smith: Well, you can’t! That is just for juniors!

Hot Dog: Better go discuss amongst ourselves then to find another place! I don’t think any of our mates are available aside from the three of us in the same boat because I knew they were living around Yellowstone Park during the trip!

Fat Pig: (looking at a curious young kid listening in on the conversation)…………naturally, we are talking about our classmates! We don’t really speak to juniors!


Author: Osmi Anannya

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