Fat Bob gets Spock-y

It finally happens…

Whale is knitting a blue jumper for Hot Dog. She is at camp and he is oblivious to her hard work at being responsible, but he wonders if she is enjoying the canned soup, turkey sandwiches and leafy salad with her mates!

Whale: I wonder if Dog is enjoying the tomato soup. She loves her tomatoes! They wouldn’t serve croutons at camp…

Just at that moment a television advert comes on that grabs his attention…

Advert: Bob the Builder! Never heard of him? He’s Buffo’s cousin! Who is Buffo? Why he’s the most charismatic builder around! Don’t believe me? Just ask Janet – he’s the love of her life and her whole life is about showing off to the world how she dated that big guy, you know what I mean! He’s loud, big, which means more to hug and he’s an ace builder, who gets the job done! Call him today for any tap fixing in your homes! If he can please Janet, he can please anyone! Meanwhile, let’s all peacefully remember how witty Bob’s been this week…you know he’s an honest and hardworking guy the whole of Smoochtown loves…particularly women, like Janet’s bestie: Spock-y!


Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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