The Impact of Blogging

It’s a simple question: what is a blog and why should you be blogging? Blogging has been cited as a therapeutic interest, it has been spoken well off for getting ahead in both academia and in your professional life and it is a beacon of well-placed opinions that can really influence conversations, dialogue and debate. Essentially, I believe the research that suggests that blogging and journalism is the same thing: sometimes it can be looked as practice for a journalistic career and sometimes it can be so that the work is open to reviews from editors and peers. A reporter’s job is largely limited because a blogger can find out about a cool new product right away, such as the Apple Watch or a hyped-up and cool new Fendi bag, and instantly tweet about it or write a very short blog post on it and make it ‘outreach material’.

Vintage Florals


The idea is that blogging and journalism are more interwoven now than before. One might not consider The Huffington Post to be journalism because it’s a blog but USA Today is a newspaper, filled with reporters, who do not always write as brilliantly as bloggers and their analytical opinion is in the same mixed bag, with those who write for/run columns on prestigious websites, blogs and media organizations.

Blogging at the end of the day is a positive idea to all because it cultivates knowledge, an analytical approach, it hones skills for writers on fan-sites, for example, interested in journalism, it sharpens problem-solving skills (eg: for technology) through research, peer-reviews or peer-selections, opinions and commentary and above all informs readers/subscribers, about subjects that are worth talking about in an intellectual capacity.


Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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