The Lodge Mails #1

#ThePager Finds Out…

Whale is speaking to Hot Dog for the first time at camp. She has rang him from a vintage telephone at the lodge to update him about how it’s been going.

Hot Dog:…so all my friends are homeless at camp this year, aside from me! I got special permission from Park Ranger to stay for like a couple of weeks! I think by then one of the many teachers can help me out with the situation because they were going to about 8 months ago, when I last came to camp! Are you alright with that?

Whale: Baby, I am not alright with other kids eating your biology marks!…So where are your friends staying while homeless?

Hot Dog: I don’t know! But Jack and Fat Pig are snoring on my bed!

Whale: There is nothing to worry about, baby! I am almost there to explain the situation to the Park Ranger myself – you cannot just be held responsible for other kids’ mistakes in group biology work! You know, those juniors don’t have any responsibility or common sense like you! How can you not have a place at the lodge when you are such a good student and Park Ranger told you you would be alright?

Hot Dog: I think I missed something, even though I remember him vividly assuring me I had a place at lodges!

Whale: Baby, can you stay on the pager, while I’m on the bus?…


Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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