Whale Teaches Hot Dog about The Roast # 1

The New Bestseller

Whale is at Yellowstone to pick up Hot Dog for her first proper Christmas. She’ll be back during the beginning of next week, when maintenance work begins on the thatched roof of the Park Ranger’s peach-coloured hut.

Whale: Come on now! Get in the car! We must go shopping for our roast dinner in a couple of hours!

Hot Dog: Can I get the book “Humans of New York”? I just saw that it made the B&N bestsellers list this year!

Whale: Sure! And on the way we can catch up more since my pager was stuck in a “no signal” zone and also discuss about the golden rule we have at Christmas: no fried chicken, only roast & steak for the festive dinner!


Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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