The Christmas Drive #1

The Xmas gossips!!!

Whale is driving Hot Dog to their cozy home for the Christmas holidays and they are gossiping about random topics, such as anime and milk chocolates.

Whale:…so, Bart is at home for the holidays, with her dad, Silver Blouche. They are thinking of going fishing soon after Boxing Day!

Hot Dog: (playing with her hamsters) What’s he like?

Whale: Oh! He’s this round fellow with a moustache! I saw a photo of him in Bart’s office!

Hot Dog:…This French kid at camp told me he was so troubled when he learnt his country colonized Senegal!

Whale: Why? That’s France’s legacy!

Hot Dog: I don’t think these rulers were ever grand with their subjects. Most didn’t like them but imagine having to love Senegal for your ancestors…

Whale: Boy! That’s tough!…We colonized so many good countries & even then our legacy is so complex and difficult to be alright with because they had so many wars, or are all pretty much independent these days or only being kind to drinking tea with the British, finally, seeing our amazing cultural values!..I bet so many of those comparatively peace-loving Americans would love to be French now!

Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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