The Great Wars

The legacy of the British Empire lies in the political choices it made, with it’s time in power and the battles it won to establish crown supremacy over all of its colonies, alongside widespread peppering of popular British (and Western) cultural, religious and social beliefs.

In the British Empire, the first stop made was in Newfoundland in the late 1400s but no other mention was made about charting an empire of their own for Great Britain, until ships reached the United States of America, in the latter part of the 1500s. During this time, England and Spain became sworn enemies because of religious reforms in Christianity, so Queen Elizabeth I’s reign was peppered with raiding Spanish ports and the African slave trade, to let in treasures from the New World (or America).

These battles were commonplace in Europe because of the attitudes of the other European empires because as soon as peacefulness prevailed in relations between Spain and Britain, things took a drastic turn for the worse with Netherlands. The Dutch hunger for maintaining its status as a world trade power resulted in several deadly wars with the British Empire, who was quite interested in overthrowing the title; winning all of those wars meant a stronger colonial presence in the New World for the British Empire.

Fine Brooches


Soon after Jamaica got it’s borders straightened out, with a Spanish crown presence, while the British Empire went ahead with its colonisation efforts in the Bahamas. Around the time, large percentages of slaves were transported from Africa and the Caribbean to America because the British Empire made a lot of profits on the back of the slave-trade. The trade bloc, profiting from spice trades, that had made the Dutch Empire flourish came from the island-nature of certain Indies locales, but even though the British Empire was the younger empire, their trade from the textile industry in India flourished and the British Empire overtook the Dutch as the global trade power.

Meanwhile, as the Mughal Empire shrank and declined after so many years, the British Empire and the French Empire broke out in battles to rule over the region, ending with the first British victory, to conquer India. This was just one victory in the constant theatre of war between the two Empires to establish colonial dominance globally through naval supremacy and the British Empire won in totality to claim that maritime crown; the Mughal Empire, ruled by Muslim-Persianate greats such as Babur and Akbar, was made up of Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India.


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