The “Teen Romance” Equation

What is this about teenage love stories, that always goes in the wrong direction, whenever it picks up speed?

Today an interesting piece of gossip landed on my desk: it was about how Justin Timberlake, a teenage heartthrob (from N*Sync and solo albums, such as Justified, FutureSex/LoveSounds) is hanging out with the ex-boyfriend of his former lover: Britney Spears.

I remember when he released the single Cry Me A River the rumour mill went spinning on MTV over how the song was based on his breakup with Spears and it was tough to watch the music video: there was a whole lot of sugar-coated romance inbetween the two teenage music sensations back in the early 2000s and to actually have to witness the two break up over what was supposedly something to do with infidelity, as portrayed fictionally, in the music video to what can only be described as a brilliant song, was a lot to swallow.

(The story was certainly something to do with “the celebrity life”– you could see, how Timberlake handled it all and it’s such an open revelation about how you can never really tell how relationships are going to turn out, away from the spotlight, or with it on. Sure, afterwards the couple went their separate ways and the two kindled brand new romances of their own but it’s so hard to get over the whole episode (not for the couples in question, obviously) because it happened publicly, for watchers.

Other celebrity breakups were not as tough to watch, I have to remark about #romance in “the celebrity life”: Kate Moss once spoke about her former lover, Johnny Depp, with fondness, stating that he did look after her for a short time, even when no one else did. Their relationship was quite romantic: Depp would point out if she had ever done anything wrong and then he would be frank with her about it all; Moss threw all of this in the air, when she broke up with him. A whole lot of tears followed but the couple never reconciled but at least the story was worth tuning into.

The "Teen Romance" Equation!


Some of these other glamorous couples filling up gossip sheets (past and present) were so brief and private with their dating escapades, you will never recognize any of them, if you were to encounter that story: Hollywood is so peppered with those!

On my desk sits gossip pieces about Ashton Kutcher and January Jones. 

I went through practically almost all of ELLE since I was a young teen, not knowing Ashton had hooked up with the infamous star from Mad Men, because I only ever really remember his escapades with his co-stars or those really funny episodes from That ’70s Show and if you were an avid reader of fashion magazines too, like me, naturally, you can actually for a change imagine what it must feel like to be in my winter sandals, right about now: imagine falling from the sky on a palm tree…one of those many peppering streets in Los Angeles.

It’s very interesting to read about romances because as a film critic, I find it so delicious to see couples struggling to make it, or read about the odd good romantic story whenever it does come along. #juicygossipsheetsonELLE

Dating to me is something you do for fun because it is something “fun” – I have never looked at dating as a romantic tool to get me places like diamonds and babies, like so many women in the world because they love all of that so much. I do not find it amusing when people like to pretend otherwise because that’s what so many (not all: do not judge, or attempt to be a miserable edition of a “popular snob”!) women do want.

But that is the prevailing idea you have out in the world sometimes and if you were to look at Hollywood couples as role models then, teenage ones would not be a very good choice there because most go nowhere, or are filled with too much of nothingness.

I don’t buy into all of that nonsense that just because you contribute to Hollywood, whether because you are a brilliant director, like Steven Spielberg, or an amazing film critic, that you cannot exhibit a sense of responsibility that successful people elsewhere can, such as in simply Wall Street, nor do I feel that the only way you can really enjoy your life is if you have an arm candy to talk to because your mates (or best mate) will just not do, perhaps, I might as well add because there is no genuine love there for the latter, or any good moments worth cherishing in the former.

I think the whole idea is quite wrong there because we are young: relax, what’s the rush! We just got here, we should celebrate all of that…well, at least, I should! It’s so funny when people yap on about childhood crushes on heartthrobs (I always bark at it because I find that so creepy, that a girl can idolize some dude in Hollywood or Wall Street or McDs, like that!), when they voluntarily lack a whole lack of maturity when they go up on stage and pronounce they have always wanted, Ryan Gosling, today and Matt Damon, yesterday…I think, that young Hollywood starlet should take a breather! They can see her and hear her, finally now and boy! my attitude to it is something along the lines of what I am really passionate about: I would love to beat out ALL of my contemporaries to cover that brilliant story!…I really do think “Yellow” would be the smartest soundtrack choice there, yet again! 


Author: Osmi Anannya

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