A Sensible Romance

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The beer garden is so full off potential random musings:

When you meet a young girl and go out with her, can you imagine she will one day find it tough to live with heartbreak because you had broken up with her?

Many young girls come to uni, with the sole purpose of dating a great guy – it’s so primitive and gross! They party too much, don’t really have any care at all that tutors kind of frown at their regular drunken antics, or that students laugh at their whole concept of uni because they are so secure in participation of debauchery.

I think that’s a sick attitude, probably at par with how so many kids think they can socialise with the teacher’s pet because they are naturally leading figures in school. But what got me thinking about the whole episode was that a random “pull” or make-out is nothing more than just that but some girls just cannot accept that! If that doesn’t make you gape at school, you must have like zero social skills!

Imagine the conditions: the boy is repeatedly put in a very odd position because of his random “pull”, there is trouble in his dates for her, and she doesn’t even know how to be nice to his friends in school; it’s not tough to imagine that leading figures in school can be popular with both students and tutors because she’s that amazing!

I can sympathize with girls “falling in love” with womanizers and getting confused with their Casanova-approach to romance. But those are “#nicewomen”. They can’t figure out that you can be hot for her today, and cold for her tomorrow. They aren’t programmed to fall in-and-out of love, to the sound of fingers snapping and that is why a breakup is tough for women. Let’s not beat around the bush, it’s hard to get over a guy, a woman thought was sincere but then she finds out that he suddenly changed his mind about her, to the sound of fingers snapping. That is a sensible romantic story!


Author: Osmi Anannya

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