In Wartime: Stories from Ukraine


A war is breeding from animosity in Ukraine, and it is a deadly one.

A war reporter’s account of Ukraine, today

This book is about stories from a war that does not focus on the human stories of it, as it does about a population that survives the daily catastrophes of conflict in present-day Ukraine. Primary sources, such as conversations with a poet and a political scientist, pepper the narrative in the book. What I liked about the structure of the story is that it mixes the sources with a free-flowing understanding of the war.

The author doesn’t let his personal opinions be obtrusive with the storytelling, and it was interesting to meet supporters of the Vladimir Putin regime in Ukraine, as well as learn of the daily hardships that Ukrainians have to overcome. Some of these experiences are very hard, horrific (and often too private), which is asking too much from people who are built of a lot of warmth inside.

The scenes involve slaughter, haunting images and the rare hope; war reporter Tim Judah uncovers experiences of soldiers, mothers and politicians in the second biggest country in Europe. People shelter themselves with chairs, and a table that is host to a vase of flowers, and there are guns present and it’s not hard to spot how this war is shaping up to be a new one in the shadows of all the wars past in Eastern Europe.


Author: Osmi Anannya

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