The Name of God Is Mercy

The Name of God Is Mercy

Pope Francis becomes a shepherd once more but this time he wants to spread the message of “mercy”.

The latest book by Vatican City’s foremost authority on Catholicism centres on the subject of mercy. It is a controversial subject in Christianity, so to speak, because what faith in religion teaches followers is to never show mercy towards those who have committed a grave wrong towards you, knowingly, for they have deliberately distorted themselves to cause harm to you. It is a religious teaching I follow very passionately because I believe in it; it meshes well, with my individual attitudes towards the concept of what is right and what is wrong, and how to make sure that the right always wins over the wrong, a little bit like a superhero.

I have never liked those stories about Jesus Christ going through crucifixion just so that human beings, with tainted souls could find some peace in the afterlife but at the end of the day those are really beliefs – that’s not very much Christianity in it’s entirety, or what it has forever preached. When you read the book you get confused in places about what Pope Francis is implying when he is talking about forgiveness of sinners. Is he talking about the practice of homosexuality, like his predecessor before, and how it is viewed as a grave wrong in the eyes of Vatican City? That would be rather disappointing, wouldn’t it because as the Pope preaches mercy to all, it is important to remember that all sins are tied to the possibility of eternal punishment – committing a grave wrong towards another person, or sinning, could mean that they will never have any kind of a personal connection or a relationship to God or their community, ever again. Is it wise then to preach mercy towards the weak who have sinned, keeping in mind that some people can never return from it?

No one is interested in ancient talks of hating a person’s sins, but not the person because they seem to have no idea of justice in the afterlife, or to put it plainly, Heaven and Hell, and where a person’s life-reel will place them in the end. The book touches on these subjects sporadically so if you were looking for answers to those questions, you will not find them here, for now, at least. The Pope’s first book, what it does, is certainly act as a revelation into how he wants reform the Church and it is a stark shift away from the past: Francis talks endlessly about how he learned about mercy whilst working in slums in Buenos Aires, about the need for mercy in the world as communities suffer from prevailing war, poverty, social exclusion, excessive belief in destinies, coupled up with an cold-hearted and snobbish attitude over the concept of “the good and the bad” in societies. A good insight into how Pope Francis likes to look at Vatican City; it is peppered with delicious conversations that should help many wounded, or confused and lost get on the road to peace.


Author: Osmi Anannya

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