The Hemsworth Romantic Effect

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth

The Miley Cyrus Drama Over Liam Hemsworth Ends In Tears…For “The Princess Bride-To-Be”
Hemsworth & Miley Cyrus…in “happier days”

When Liam Hemsworth called off the engagement with Miley Cyrus, millions of hearts broke around the world. But in retrospect you have got to respect Hemsworth’s decision and he probably did the right thing – Liam’s family breathed a huge sigh of relief when Miley Cyrus was no longer slated to join in with the Hemsworths as a “celebrity Mrs.”. The two met each other whilst filming The Last Song and they instantly started going out. Liam was constantly quiet about the relationship as Miley became an annoying one-person jukebox about her “romantic equation” with Liam for anyone who has no other choice but to listen to her pike about how lucky she is…in love, in the most absurd way imaginable.

The relationship would hit the rocks from when it began in 2010 and finally ended for good in mid-September 2013 – the two admittedly did step out on the RC a lot, as Miley evolved from a songstress to an arm candy for the Hollywood heartthrob, with no hesitation at all. Throughout it, Liam was busy stepping out of his house for that necessity: promotional work for films and he has rarely been spotted with her, except for that one random house visit while they were dating.

I bet that was scary for “the Miley Cyrus team” to have in the gossip pages but what are you gonna do? Liam could see what Miley is like and it turns out, he simply wasn’t going to publicly be with her (in Gucci), for a long time. I must say though what was more shocking was how Hemsworth could never put a stop to Miley always going on and on about their relationship despite his public lack of interest in joining Miley in her “ridiculous, solitary (and a little bit mad) childish behaviour despite her age”. So….why did the couple break up then?


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