The Affair with Prom

What to wear to prom?

That is a fashion question that is often the biggest to young girls. How to hold your hair in a bun? How to wear the right pair of heels without stomping on your date’s feet when Teenage Dirtbag plays on the stereo? How to match my pink corsage to my date’s awfully dusty yellow tie?

How to go together to school in the dark to eat sausages when there’s no place to sit and dance until I can dance no more in my Esprit? What to tell “Whale” when I have had such a packed day only resting my feet in my blanket, and my head in A Tale of Two Cities sounds the most amazing idea?

So many questions, so little time. It’s like your always up for a test in school, even when it’s nothing academic, it’s simply prom. This is why it’s always great to think about the biggest school party of the year, all-year round.

Prom Look #1 (Its so glamorous!)

The idea behind this #fashionpolaroid was to demonstrate how fabulous a prom is. Wear a bold pink taffeta-style evening dress and pair it with shimmering Cinderella slippers to prom. Then accessorize the whole look with glittering earrings but go easy there because I don’t like fashion that’s too layered with shiny expensive things.

About the makeup, make sure that it is understated because I find that so beautiful on the catwalk or in a couple of my favourite magazines, such as Female Malaysia and Harper’s Bazaar. Looking glamorous “on your prom day” isn’t easy but it’s what I love to do so I choose a whole lot of nudes and rose-tinted shades for beauty. Happy Prom!


Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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