Benazir Bhutto: A Political “Leader” in Pakistan

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Benazir Bhutto: what an amazing political contemporary, historically!

Benazir Bhutto, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, is the heir of the Bhutto family in Pakistan. She is something rare: as a woman, who once ruled a sharia state, even though women’s rights is a concept that is foreign to that same state, she proved that she is a rebel with a purpose. Often cited as “powerful”, Bhutto was indeed the first ever woman who became the head of state of a Muslim country. What does that mean? It means that Bhutto could fight sharia law, all by herself, as a woman, from within the borders of Pakistan. Talk about her abilities: she is more than Superman in politics!

Her father lost Bangladesh’s Liberation War of Independence (1971) to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his political allies, and then Bhutto was executed: the very poor Bhutto, only three years later had to jump into politics, as a woman. It’s not a wondrous surprise why she has been lauded for her unique take on politics as the first woman to lead a Pakistani political party, and the first “female head” of an Islamic government, and her opposition to India, as well as national rivals, gave her the nickname, “Iron Lady” (like, Margaret Thatcher, a former British Prime Minister also has the nickname “Iron Lady”) or “BB”.

Bhutto was eventually assassinated in December 2007 so we now just have her legacy in Pakistan to content with. And what a bulky legacy she has left all of her political contemporaries in foreign policy! As sad as it might be that Benazir is no longer there in politics, during her lifetime she certainly proved her knowledge in politics as a graduate from both Harvard University and University of Oxford. “No one, in the consciousness of many, can contest that no matter their roots or accomplishments, according to so many devout followers, across the globe”. And I agree: who can bend all rules and regulations like Benazir? People who love her are perhaps people, who like her, have no boundaries of understanding, at all: believe it! They actually only know they must overcome every obstacle that life has thrown them! How marvellous!

Coming from a state that practices sharia law, Bhutto was nothing like any ordinary Pakistani woman, during her studies at Harvard: she was socially active, as well, as a Phi Beta Kappa. Harvard University taught her everything about democratic values, and she repaid it all with “a special present” to Harvard Law School. How interesting! Now, it’s only time for her and Zardari’s son to finally reappear and throw his name into the political ring…Bhutto would have been so proud to see him demonstrate his “privileged local might”. No matter what you say or do, no one can erase Benazir Bhutto’s legacy in her beloved Pakistan (in politics) with all of that! Why? Because who can ever forget how Benazir overcame all odds to rule Pakistan, as “a female leader”.



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