F.R.I.E.N.D.S. & The ’90s


What is your favourite television show?

I grew up with so many television shows, it’s tough to pick a favourite! But off the top of my head, let’s start with Friends. Friends was, during my teenage years, and still is one of my most favourite shows. I loved it even though the canned laughter in the background took some time to get used to. It was the first show I properly watched, after practically everything on Cartoon Network, and even though I was really young, I enjoyed every aspect of the show, from the pilot episode of a runaway bride, to Italian culture in America being demonstrated in the oddest way imaginable: through infidelity.

#Friends =…and how did you really survive the ’90s without watching it?

I would tune in on the evenings, after following strict protocol set in my household by my Mom, to only watch television after finishing all of my homework, to catch up on funny antics of six goofy friends. I never argued with the protocol because it was only there to help me academically.

My Mom had such an enthusiasm for television shows herself but coming from generations before me meant that she loved shows, I never really watched reruns of, such as Charlie’s Angels.

The whole idea about Friends that appealed to me was that it was about American culture that I was a part of as a Brit, and growing up with Cartoon Network meant I had no desire to say goodbye to those traditions. Episodes upon episodes would be carved out for Thanksgiving, Christmas and even, Hanukkah in Friends. There were serious topics such as, dating thrown in but none of them were ever too much because who wants to watch that as a teen, rather than comedic antics of a bunch of friends?

Randomly, somehow, I did catch (I was busy watching Second World War tapes! Yes!) some of those geeky culture paranoia over relating to Friends, how it had broken (to me, those absurd) cultural barriers and found popularity across the world, as well as “behind the scenes” clips of making Friends and it looked surreal (and boring): the cast had to perform in an open studio (imagine that!), their fashion staple seemed to be jeans/a white tee, they had in-house salad for lunches, and it honestly made me never want to be an actor, just a film critic obsessed with #Friends, because she’s a ’90s kid.


Author: Osmi Anannya

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