BAFTAs Gossip Sheet # 1

Backstage at the BAFTAs

Tonight is the Grammys. As awards season, cascades down upon us, without any hint whatsoever about what lies in store for us, why don’t we all simply ease our nerves, with gossip backstage. So, what has been happening this year?

On my desk sits a gossip piece about Kate Winslet and her “close friend” Leonardo DiCaprio. She “strongly” feels this might be DiCaprio’s year to win an Academy Award.

I would like to disagree because I was very disappointed when I read Leonardo DiCaprio had won a BAFTA, right before learning that The Revenant had won Best Film at the same awards ceremony. As a film critic, I do not like the idea of Leonardo DiCaprio (or Matt Damon, another fellow nominee in the awards category) winning because I do not feel these youngsters deserve to outshine the film.

For me, awards season is about the film. When you review a film, or comment on it a lot, I feel that you form a special bond with it because so much effort goes into that #work. You can say that being academic-brained might make the job simpler but hard work, at the end of the day, is still hard work, whether or not you are naturally talented in the profession, you chose to have.

I think I was born to be an analyst, I think I was born to analyze, but even then a film to me is special during awards season because I want to see it powerfully score the highest honours, and only the film(s) alone, if I am really honest because of that special bond. In retrospect, I think it’s tough to even imagine what it must be like to actually have the spotlight taken away from the film, and place it on stars, who can never be as comprehensive as a film and because I am so straightforward and opinionated, I guess I never do have to imagine.

Being an actor means you must share screen space with others, and there are a whole crew of people doing their bit “to make the film a success”, or in other words, apart from listening to the advise of a #filmcritic to make the film, they are playing their part in the film: that of an editor, of a director, or of an actor. I think this backstage “love” between Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio is nicely poignant of the kind of relationship the two must share, yeah because they were both actors on the film set, of Titanic.

Early in the morning, it is not much worth your cup of tea: I think staring at Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl, is much more worthwhile.

Eddie, I must say, has played the most intriguing character, I have laid eyes upon, so far, in #awardsseason2016. That is is my idea of what is cool backstage: ogling at the other fellow nominees and what they have been upto in filmmaking. I think, that is a lot more interesting in Hollywood than two people sharing “friendly affections” in public. It’s not like romantic (or hot) because they are “simply friends” and neither is it about catching up (and #highfiving) with actor(s) about what has been floating their boat in acting.


Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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