The Argument For Monogamy

Monogamy is a natural thing, when you work at it.

One of these preconceived ideas that women (and some “men”) have about relationships is that monogamy isn’t a natural concept to men. I do not buy any of that because I feel that a man can be faithful to a woman, provided that the relationship is one where a lot of effort has been put in to maintain it, from both sides.

Naturally, if a woman is going to behave like she is desperate for a man, and wants him at any cost then a man will take advantage of that situation and go out there and have a one-night stand, when drunk. It is a woman’s responsibility to take care of herself when she is out in the world. She must not lose her wits and proclaim she must desperately have a man, to his face because it hurts so much when she imagines she cannot.

It is a disgusting attitude, I believe, and although getting over a one-sided crush, is tough, it should not come under the guise of a woman posing like she has no self respect at all, for herself. In these circumstances, when people argue that monogamy does not come natural to men, I would have to say, that that is a flawed argument. Monogamy will not come to a woman who did not care about her image in the world, in exchange for the love of a man, she has felt for years was “the one”.

Monogamy will only come to men, when the woman behaves. When she behaves, #looksafterherlooks, comes with manners, and does not come with a life where she is only front page material, for who she dates, not for who she is, or what she does really. How can a woman so different from the conventional concept of what a woman is (#anamazingthing) expect monogamy or a man to not just treat her as nothing more than someone that he can easily score with?

I feel that too many times, young women do nothing but talk about: only love. Taylor Swift, for example, dear God,  is a star who only croons about love, failed loves, heartbreaks and tries to paraphrase it as #afemalething. That is not #afemalething: being strong, being independent, being successful is what’s #afemalething. As a leader, empowering women, to follow suit, empowering them to believe that there is more to life than love, than some women in the public eye would lead you to believe, is what’s #afemale thing.

There is actually a lot more to life than getting oppressed as a housewife that some women might have bought into, because of all these “women singing about their experiences of love” and that is called getting out of it. These deluded fantasies are only for women who can seemingly make money out of singing it, but it is not for every woman in town. Every woman in town deserves a chance at monogamy from a man, they deserve a proper relationship, irrespective of whether or not they can or could not maintain it.

In my opinion, these songs are stupid little things. Say what you want but a love story in your mind will not cuddle you to sleep at night. Say what you want but if you really want to talk about #afemalething (inclusive of monogamy from a man), talk about her, the whole of her, for a change! Say what you want but a love story will not buy you a Prada in NYC, a job (or the aspiration of it, as a starting point) will! Say what you want but there is a whole lot more to a woman than some women (and “men”) would lead you to believe: and it is bloody called high heels + a brain.


Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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