Candies + Cars

Hot Dog’s second diary entry

Whale and Hot Dog have arrived at school. Today is “Parent-Teachers Conference Day”. Whale is going to find out how Hot Dog has been doing in school and what her teachers all think about her. Hot Dog is ridden with anxiety over it but a cold soda is calming her down, as the two chat in the car.

It was Hot Dog’s idea to wait in the car until her friends come to school too with their Dads because it might be easier on her nerves if her friends were there as well. She knows that most of them did so much worse than her this term, so perhaps misery will help the company be relieved from any worries about what their Dads will think of them and what they will do to them after the day is over.

Hot Dog: (sipping the soda) How long do you think we have to wait for Jack?

Whale: According to the pager message from his father, for ten minutes longer. They are stuck in a traffic jam.

Hot Dog: Are you worried I might not have done well in school?

Whale: No! I am not worried at all! But I am a little bit concerned about your maths performance when you practice with me.

Hot Dog: What? I practice well in front of you. Why would you be concerned about that? I have to actually put aside my television watching and sometimes even reading William Shakespeare’s plays to make sure I can finish all of the unofficial homeworks, you set me.

Whale: I am not sure if you are done with careless errors yet.

Hot Dog: Sometimes I get absent-minded, when spending three hours on algebra, so all the alphabets begin to look like Hebrew to me. That’s when I lose my focus completely and make really stupid errors that can be done without. This actually happened to me at school in my last test, otherwise I would have gotten full marks. I was so mad when I saw I lost so many marks there with…

Fat Pig’s first diary entry

At that precise time, Fat Pig and his father Mr. Brown park their yellow car behind Whale’s blue car. Fat Pig gets off his car and walks to Hot Dog’s window to greet her and ask if she would like to go to school with him, now, ditching their two fathers. He has brought with him some candy from Tesco, that he believes will occupy their attention until they go in and explain to their teachers that their fathers are here but they think they have far better things to do than look at their report cards. So, the teachers must give them the report cards, which the two will get their fathers drunk before talking about.

Whale: Hello Mr. Brown! How have you been? It’s a lovely and sunny day, isn’t it?

Mr. Brown: Why? Yes! It is!

Fat Pig: (after explaining his idea to Hot Dog) So that is the plan. Do you want it?

Hot Dog: I don’t know! Why didn’t you bring alcohol with you today? We could have done that now!

Fat Pig: There is none in my house and I only got the idea this morning!

Mr. Brown: What are you two muttering about?

Fat Pig and Hot Dog: NOTHING!

Jack’s first diary entry

Jack and his father Jack Sr. arrives at school in their red car. Jack is still in his trash can and his hair is full of ash. He is not as worried as his two friends about school but he fought with his father for the whole of the duration of the car journey. Jack, thus, has ash on his hair, that is actually the dust inside their trash can that his father forgot to do away with, before throwing his son into it, for misbehaving with him – Jack told his father he does not like him anymore because he must go to school to check his report card + he is simply ganging up with Whale to put Hot Dog through today.

Jack: I am not coming. And neither is Hot Dog.

Jack Sr: Fine!!! We will just go back home that way. I will go and speak to your teachers, while Whale does the same for Hot Dog. You are not really required, until afterwards. Do you get me?

Jack: I do not want to.

Jack Sr: I have had quite enough. I will just let Whale know we are already here.

Mr. Brown: Oh you are here already! Come and have these candies! They are truly divine!

Jack Sr: Alright! I will get the pink one!

Jack: (screaming from the car) Where is Hot Dog???

Whale: Hot Dog had to go to the cafeteria to get more candies for us with Fat Pig.


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