An American Tale Of Cartography

Maps explore cartography

An exhibition called “USA” running until March 26th brings to life a vividly coloured aspect of the geography of the United States of America. The cartography on display are paintings, sometimes even 7 feet tall and they aren’t simply colourful maps because they also reveal a whole lot of fine information about America. There is something on about the US highway system in shades of red and blue, along with mountain ranges and rivers on the maps, which make them all the more interesting to look at, even if you are not obsessed with maps.

Colourful maps
The Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, New York is where the exhibition is happening!
Infographics + Informative Maps
A unique point of view in very large American maps
Political point of views enrich all fifty diverse and ancient American states in the vivid paintings
Classes in America have also gone into what serves as the inspiration for these paintings
The American highway actually becomes an infographic, believe it or not!


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